Communications Policies & Procedures

Delhi Today

Campus Communication/Mass Email

It is the policy of SUNY Delhi to coordinate mass emails to the entire campus through the Office of College Relations & Advancement.

If you have something to convey to faculty and staff, consider sending your message through Delhi Today, an electronic newsletter sent via email and published by College Relations & Advancement that provides faculty and staff with a quick, easy-to-read look at campus news and special events each day.

To send a message through Delhi Today:

  • The event or activity must be college-related or sponsored by a college-affiliated club or organization;
  • Keep the message succinct to increase readability;
  • Attachments cannot be included, so please provide a link to a web page to provide additional details;
  • Submissions must be made by 4 p.m. the day prior to publication;
  • Items must be submitted via email in a Word or text format to Tracy Hoeppner.

College Relations & Advancement reserves the right to edit submissions. To keep the news fresh in Delhi Today, items can appear a maximum of three times, but no more than twice in one week. Delhi Today Extras are used only for emergencies or events that occur after it has been distributed. It is not to fix errors or omissions.

Some messages regarding technology use may be sent by Computer Information Services via email.

Email messages to students should be sent to Elizabeth Hoyt at