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Articulation Templates

Establishing the Articulation Agreement

The Technology Division at SUNY Delhi welcomes articulation agreements with secondary vocational/technical schools and other high schools that offer similar technical and skilled trades programs.

Please review the specific course description and content listed in each of the agreements below.  If the graduates of your program can demonstrate Mastery (90% - 100% or "A") or Competency (80% - 89% or "B") in each of the listed competencies, please complete an articulation agreement(s) template by adding your school information (red highlighted areas) and the appropriate signatures and return it to Dom Morales, Dean of Applied Sciences & Technology at SUNY Delhi. A copy of the completed, signed agreement will be returned to you for implementation with your students.

Certifying a Student
Evaluate an eligible student's performance on each of the listed competencies. A student must achieve a Mastery level or Competency level on each of the listed competencies to receive articulated credit.

Complete the Teacher Recommendation for College Credit and return it to Philip G. Hubbard, Dean of Technology, along with a copy of the competency checklist verifying the student's performance.

Implementing the Articulation Agreement
The Enrollment Services and the Dean of Technology's offices have established procedures to acknowledge and record articulated credit achieved by eligible students from participating secondary schools.

Technology and Skilled Trades programs tend to fill quickly. Students are encouraged to apply to SUNY Delhi for their program of choice no later than March 1 and to submit the completed Teacher Recommendation for College Credit no later than June 30 for Fall registration.

Students will be invited to attend a Delhi Advantage Day where they will meet with a Faculty Advisor to choose their schedule of classes for the Fall semester. Students may use their articulated credit in several ways:
• To reduce their course load for the first semester
• To reduce their course load in a subsequent semester
• To take an advanced course or elective course that would not otherwise fit into their schedule.

It is not unusual for students to choose to participate in a class for which they have already received articulated credit, in order to reinforce their skills in preparation for advanced training. Articulated credit is recorded on the student transcript after completion of the first semester of course work with an overall GPA of at least a 2.0 "C". Students who do not make satisfactory academic progress in an advanced course may be required to repeat the course for which they received articulated credit.

Articulation Agreement Assessment and Review
Articulation agreements will be reviewed periodically and at anytime that curriculum changes affect the requirements in the agreement.

SUNY Delhi will monitor the progress of students who receive articulated credit to assess the viability of each articulation agreement. Agreements that yield no students or yield students who have a low success rate will be considered for non-renewal.

SUNY Delhi will collect and report data on individual articulation agreements, all agreements with each secondary school and all secondary articulation agreements in which SUNY Delhi is a participant. Reports will be made available periodically to secondary schools for their use.

SUNY Delhi welcomes close cooperation between secondary and college faculty and encourages reciprocal campus visits to identify program strengths and weaknesses and to explore areas for further articulation.

Articulation Template Forms
Please download and save the appropriate articulation agreements below with a file name that includes the name or initials of your school. In addition to a signed hard copy of the agreement, please e-mail your agreement to  Please call Eric Robert at (607) 746-4073 if you have difficulty accessing the templates or have other questions about articulation agreements.

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