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Create A Hotel

Hospitality Marketing and Sales Project

 Overview - in this project, each student individually will create a hotel property.  The hotel may be located wherever the student chooses to put it.  The type, style, and what the hotel has to offer are all left to the discretion of the student.  This hotel will become a working model for the student to apply practical applications that will be taught over the course of the semester.  The project will not be graded from a feasibility standpoint (how successful or unsuccessful the hotel may appear), but it will be graded primarily on how well the student applies the topics discussed in class combined with the time, effort, and energy displayed in the sections as they are handed in.  The project will be handed in section by section.  Each section will receive a numerical grade, and the average of all five sections will be the overall grade for the project.

Part 1 - Physical Analysis

Part 2 - Product Analysis

Part 3 - Market Analysis

Part 4 - Competition Analysis

Part 5 - Merchandising/Advertising Plan


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