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Dream Jobs
Dream Job 

 The purpose for this project is to open your eyes to the myriad of possibilities that are out there for you to make a career in. You should pursue your internship with the results of this project in mind. For example, a student wanted to pursue a career in the cruise line industry. Through her research, she discovered that Princess lines and other big name cruise lines only hire those with cruise line experience. So how do you get hired by these people? She then found an Alaskan cruise line that would hire her, and thereby gained the cruise line experience that got her into the company she wanted to be with. Do you want to have a family and raise children? Some positions are not conducive to family life. These are some of the things you should take into account when choosing your niche. The key point to remember here is that you are really writing this paper for You, not for me. Yes. I will grade it, based on how well you fulfill the criteria to follow, but you should be able to use the finished result as a planning tool. So put some real thought into it.

Technical Requirements:
Paper should have no more than one inch margins, 12 point black type in Times New Roman, double spaced, not bold or italic. At the very minimum, the paper should be 8-10 pages long. The paper will be typed in Microsoft Word (the version in the computer lab here on campus) with no exceptions. Paper will be emailed to the instructor on November 19th, 2007 before 12 midnight.  Submissions between 12 midnight on November 19th and 11:59 pm on Nov 20th  will be considered one day late and be reduced by one full letter grade. Papers will not be accepted for submission after 12 pm midnight on Nov 20th. WITH NO EXCEPTIONS OR EXCUSES. Hand it in early if necessary - if you are having problems, go to the computer lab and get help.  CC a copy to yourself and open the attachment on a campus computer. If you can open it on a campus computer, I can open it on my campus computer.  If I cannot open your attachment, it is not handed in. No exceptions.  Do not expect reminders.

Part 1: Job Research

Part 2: Location Research

Part 3: Monthly Budget

Part 4: Timeline

Part 5:  Current Resume


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