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 This webpage was created with you in mind, a page where you could go to find all the information and resources you needed to successfully complete your course projects. Many of your hospitality classes have involved and demanding projects that you will spend a great deal of time working on.

 This page has consolidated all of the project requirements and organized the material in a sensible manner, according to each professor's outline and hopefully you will find it a contributing factor to your success in the classroom.

 At the home page, you can find links to each of your course projects, both on the left navigation bar and in the center of the page below, as well as a link to the Project Question and Answer Blog where you can post and reply to questions about any hospitality project.

 After clicking on the link to the project, you will be redirected to that project page where you will find project requirements and all necessary resources to complete the project.

 Each project outline is broken up into parts according to that professors' outline, click on each part to see more details and additional resources. In some cases, you will be able to see examples of past student work in order to jump start your own creative thinking processes (currently this feature is not available).


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