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Adjunct and Full-time Faculty teaching classes ONLINE for SUNY Delhi at all Off-Site campus locations

Tracey Caponera - Hospitality Management Seminar, Hospitality Law, Hospitality Human Resources, Hospitality Marketing

Lee Heron - Hospitality Law & Lodging Accommodations

Bill Williams - Management of Information Technology

David Van Aken - Survey of World Cultures

Megan Higgins, Corporate Travel Management

Gina Mintzer, Destination Development

John Nunes, International Business

Paula Reardon, Strategic Management, Organizational Communication, Organizational Theory

Michael Barnes, Hospitality Purchasing

Adjunct Faculty teaching classes  for SUNY Delhi @ SCCC

Carl Cusano - International Business Management  & Strategic Management 

Ray Ross, Statistics

Frank Burns - Hospitality Financial Management, Resort Operations

Mary Jo Downey - Great Writers, Technical Writing, Argumentation & Debate

Michael Izdebski - Financial Management

Stephen Russell - Project Management

Jack Rivituso, Systems Analysis

Frank Yunker, Web Publishing

Greg Dixon, Multi-Media Publishing

Peter Zayicek, Risk Management




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Dr. Patricia Deangelis
Criminal Justice Faculty and Adviser
319 Elston Hall

Paula Reardon
Business Faculty and Adviser
319 Elston Hall

Paul Rogan
Criminal Justice Faculty and Adviser
319 Elston Hall

Rick Golding
Hospitality Faculty and Adviser
319 Elston Hall

Elizabeth O'Reilly
319 Elston Hall

Justin Morgan
Assistant Director of Student Financial Services

BSN Program

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