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FALL 2012 Semester News

Fall 2012 semester ONLINE courses begin Monday, September 3rd and in-person classes begin Tuesday, September 4th @ SCCC.  Please purchase your ONLINE COURSE TEXTBOOKS EARLY through the main campus bookstore - visit Campus Life, Campus Store

*Please welcome new Delhi adjunct faculty team member Robert Renda. Robert will be teaching CITA 330 and CITA 365 for us in the fall semester.

*EXCELLENT opportunity for HOSPITALITY MAJORS: If you are interested in becoming a teaching assistant and earning tuition money, please see Brenda Eckler for details about our LEAP program. Applications being accepted NOW for the spring 2013 semester!



Student of the Quarter May-September 2012: Conor Peter!

Student of the Quarter May-September 2011: Arielle Zelenick

Student of the Month - Decembe 2010: Thomas Bermas

My name is Tom Bermas, and I am a senior earning a Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality Management degree through the SUNY Delhi/SCCC program.  I would say my overall experience in this program has been great and I am thankful for the opportunity it has afforded me to both earn my degree and not have to leave my home and family to do so.  The teachers are exceptional, each one having their own unique perspective and experience that they bring to the classroom.  All the SUNY Delhi/SCCC program faculty have helped me in some capacity to achieve my goals, taking a real interest in my education and career growth.  I currently work for The Desmond Hotel and Conference Center in Albany, NY.  I began my employment there as a Front Desk Agent and have since been promoted to the position of Group Reservations Coordinator.  I love guest service and from it I gain a lot of job satisfaction.  The Desmond has given me the opportunity to do something I enjoy and the ability to gain some great experience in the industry, all while earning my degree at the same time.  I have also just accepted a position as Disney College Program Campus Representative, which I am very excited about!  Additionally, I have had some great internship experiences that the SUNY Delhi/SCCC program has enabled me to participate in.  One being a College Program Cast Member of Walt Disney World, and the other as a Banquet Manager of Levy Restaurants during the Kentucky Derby. After I graduate there are many avenues I can see myself heading down.  One of which is to apply to be a Professional Intern in Management at Walt Disney World, another being a Sales/Event Manager of a local hotel or catering company. 

Student of the Month - November 2010: Lisa Cremisio

My name is Lisa Cremisio, and I am a senior in the Business and Technology Management Program at SUNY Delhi/SCCC graduating in December 2010. I earned my associates degree in accounting from SCCC in 1988 and immediately joined the workforce. After working for a major communications corporation for twenty years, like many other managers I was laid off, and found myself back in school after a two decade hiatus. I enjoyed my experience at SCCC the first time around and was happy to learn about their joint program with SUNY Delhi.

Although I was nervous about returning to school after so many years, the faculty and staff in the Delhi program offered a welcoming environment in which I could thrive. The instructors took a personal interest in my success and I am grateful for their encouragement and support. I am fortunate to have met some exceptional people while attending classes here at SUNY/SCCC. The past two years have flown by and I can’t believe that graduation is only one month away.

I currently work for the State of New York and plan on enrolling in the masters program at Empire State College this fall. I look forward to what the future holds and I am sure that the education I received at SUNY/SCCCC will benefit me in both my professional and personal life.

Student of the Month - October 2010:  Michele Isopo

My name is Michelle Isopo, and I am returning student, wife, mother of 4 and former business owner. I am a full time student at SUNY Delhi, SCCC program pursuing my BA in Business and Technology Management. As a former student and 2009 graduate AAS Business Administration from SCCC, I was interested in continuing my education in a convenient and most cost effective manner. The Delhi SCCC program has afforded me this opportunity and has been a very rewarding experience. What I most enjoy about the Delhi program is the way the professors teach the classes incorporating their personal business experiences and expertise. Often, professors invite guest speakers to present current professional business information and guidance to better prepare the students in future goals. I have always felt the Delhi classes incorporate academics, personal experiences and a pursuit of student growth and professionalism. My future goal, after graduation, is to open my own manufacturing company. I feel very confident with the education I am receiving at Delhi, that I will be able to manage a strong, ethical and financially sound company to be proud of.  

Student of the Month - April 2010


Michael Dzikowski

My name is Michael Dzikowski and I am a junior in the BBA - Business and Technology Management inter-institutional program between Schenectady County Community College and SUNY Delhi. During my time in college, I became a student worker and then part-time professional staff in the Academic Computing department while working on my degree at SCCC. Before I graduated from SCCC with an A.S. in Computer Science in 2001, I started working at Union College as a computer buyer in the college store. There, I was responsible for the sales, purchasing and service of computer software, hardware and accessories to our college students. In late 2002, I took advantage of a promotional opportunity to work full-time at SCCC within the field of Information Technology, where I still perform duties on front-end and back-end operations supporting the adaptation and use of computer technologies. Other part-time or temporary jobs that I have done include volunteer secretarial work, operating a copy center and working in a call center.

In addition to my studies, I volunteer, serve as advisor to the SCCC Spanish Club, tutor students in various subjects ranging from topics in Computer Science to other disciplines, perform consulting services, enjoy spending time with my friends and family, catch a good movie or stage show, and travel.

I feel fortunate to have been afforded the opportunity to work on my education goals using the SCCC/Delhi program. By taking advantage of the resources that we have available, including the program’s great on-site staff, all of the local and remote instructional staff that participate in the program and the easy-to-access expert staff at the SCCC and Delhi campuses, I have found this experience to be a rewarding one in many ways and I look forward to being able to call myself an alumni of SUNY Delhi.

For the future, I am working on plans to use my education that I have obtained with Delhi and SCCC to move forward with my formal education while continuing to work, ultimately pursuing a graduate degree in technology and business.

Student of the Month - March 2010


My name is Brent Bills, and I’m currently a junior in the SUNY Delhi Business and Technology program. Over the years I have been lucky enough to gather education and experiences in many different fields. When I was younger I held many different jobs in the restaurant and retail industries. In my junior year of high school I was accepted into the AYES (Automotive Youth Educational System) program where I gathered college credits in Automotive Technology while also holding an internship at Albany Dodge as a technician. After graduating from Schalmont High School I decided to pursue my education in business. After one semester at SUNY Morrisville I transferred to Schenectady County Community College where I graduated with an A.A.S degree in Business Administration. During this time I was working as an Assistant Manager at a local Mobil station, as many Americans have experienced over the past few years, I was laid off, but it gave me the chance to continue pursuing my education. At this time I was introduced to the SUNY Delhi program and it was the best fit for my educational goals. During my time at SUNY Delhi I have been able to meet and collaborate with many students, and learn from some of the best Professors I’ve ever had.

Besides being a full-time student I enjoy many hobbies. On campus I am part of the Delhi D.I.C.E team where I’m able to further explore business ideas, as well as working to make the club stronger. Outside of school I enjoy many outdoor activities. In the summer time I enjoy going camping and hiking, and in the winter I enjoy going snowmobiling, and snowboarding. This season I will be volunteering at the Burton U.S Open Snowboarding Championships at Stratton Mountain, Vermont, there I will be able to gain valuable work experience, and network myself to industry leaders while being able to watch the worlds best snowboarders.

As far as the future holds, Albert Einstein was quoted saying, “I never think of the future. It comes soon enough”. Everyday has new experiences and different challenges, and it’s hard to say where I’ll be in the future. I could own my own business, work for large corporation, travel the globe, or maybe become a teacher. One thing I’m sure about is, no matter what I’ll be doing, I will be happy and successful.

Student of The Month - February 2010


Amy Maguire

My name is Amy Maguire. I am currently a senior in the Delhi Program and will be graduating this May. My major is in Business and Technology Management. I have been on the Dean’s List at Delhi for the past two semesters, with an overall GPA at Delhi of 3.84. After I graduate from Delhi I plan on attending Union College to obtain my MBA with a certificate in Human Resource Management. Many of the courses I have taken through Delhi and SCCC will transfer to Union eliminating some of the coursework towards my Masters. I would highly recommend Union’s Graduate program to any Delhi students looking to continue their education.

When I first started with the Delhi program I was working for Fuccillo Chevrolet of East Greenbush as an automotive accountant. Last year I was able to use my work experience and the technology courses I have taken through Delhi to get a job that is more in the business/technology field with a company called Yoh HR Services. In my current position as a Client Data Specialist I assist in database implementation, design, and management of employee data for General Electric’s Transportation and Aviation Divisions. Delhi has provided me with valuable tools and resources that I am able to use everyday in my current my line of work.

In addition to being a full time student and a full time worker, I am also a full time single mom to a wonderful 6 year-old daughter. My daughter offers a lot of inspiration to me to be the best in everything I do so I can be positive role model for her and be someone she can always look up to. Many of my activities outside of work and school revolve around my daughter and family because they are what are most important to me. I have recently become more involved in the local community through my daughter’s Girl Scout troop. We have been involved in several functions that give back to community, such as donations/collections for the local food bank and partnering with animal shelters to make beds for the animals. Being a part of the Girl Scouts has been a great way of teaching young girls the importance of leadership, caring for others, and being involved in their communities.

I am very thankful for the Delhi program at SCCC. The flexibility of the program has allowed me to continue my education and obtain a Bachelor’s degree in a much shorter period then I ever thought would be possible given my busy schedule. The professors and advisors have been extremely helpful in fulfilling my goals and genuinely care about my success. They have inspired me to go farther and provided endless networking opportunities to continue my growth as a student, worker, and person.

Students are nominated by the SUNY Delhi adjunct and full-time faculty members and the criteria to qualify include:

*Being in good academic standings *Contributions to the Industry

*Contributions to the College or Program *Aptitude and Attitude

Student of the Month - December 2009


Terry Taylor

Greetings to all. I am currently enrolled in the Business Technology program at Delhi and I am working on my A.A.S. in Business Administration with SCCC. I currently have A.A.S. in Teacher Education.

I am a licensed cosmetologist and estechianist. I operate and own Undergound Cuts Too, a beauty and Barber salon located at 1937 Van Vranken Ave in Schenectady.

God willing, I plan to purchase my own building for my business and graduate in 2010. I love all holidays and summer that is why I think I am going to teach! Teachers can get them off. I hope to help enhance family, friends and my community with whatever knowledge I learn, It is important to me to help and I can do that through education.

One more thing: I love to cook.

As part of the DICE team, I helped organize a Bottle Drive in Fall 2009 to help fund our business club for future projects and activities


The SCCC Advisory Council will be implementing this joint program offering SCCC Culinary and Hospitality graduates, currently enrolled in the SUNY Delhi Hospitality program, an opportunity to gain management and leadership experience. Delhi Hospitality majors may apply for this program, that will provide them with a tuition stipend and the opportunity to work side by side with an SCCC faculty member managing the Dining Room Management &; Operations Class.

 Benefits for the Student Include

*Build Communication and Technical Skills

*Gain Leadership and Management experience

*Tuition Compensation ($683.45 per semester)

*Networking Opportunities with Advisory Council and Guests

 Student Commitment &; Responsibilities

*One Year Commitment

*Demonstrate Seven Service Guidelines

*Assist in Training Students in Table Service

*Assist in overseeing Student Wine Service

*Run and Review Weekly Dining Room Reports with Manager

*Customer Service Management including Customer Service

Recognition Program and Customer Feedback Program

Application for the Spring 2011 Semester Due October 15th!

Send a Letter of Interest for the LEAP Program along with your Resume

and one Professional Recommendation Letter to Tracey Caponera,

SUNY Delhi Coordinator, Elston 319. Candidates will also participate

in a personal interview with a panel of SCCC and Delhi Representatives

 SUNY Delhi is offering a new on-line RN to BSN program designed for working professionals. The program is open to qualified candidates with a current RN license.  This program provides enormous advantages to working nurses.  Opportunities for both full and part time study will be available to allow students to proceed at their own pace.

Students entering the program will find:

For more information, visit the SUNY Delhi website at




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