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Every five years, each academic program at SUNY Delhi undergoes a thorough program review.  Faculty members complete a program self-study that documents strengths and weaknesses, changes since the previous review and plans for the future.  A committee composed of colleagues from similar programs at other colleges, industry experts and program graduates reviews the self-study and makes recommendations.  An important part of the self-study is a survey of graduates who have completed the program since the last program review.

For Spring 2010, the following Technology Division programs are completing their program review:

If you are a graduate of one of these programs, please take a few minutes to complete a brief ten-question online survey.  Click on your program to access the survey.

SUNY Delhi offering training for utilities

DELHI _ Four electric poles, spaced 15 feet apart, went up Tuesday on the SUNY Delhi Valley campus and soon, students will be climbing on them.
The poles, which were provided by the Delaware County Electric Cooperative, will be used as a learning laboratory for students in the electrical construction and instrumentation program. The utility poles will provide training in "hot-sticking," a process that uses insulated tools to repair live wires. More ........







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