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Automotive Technology Tool List: Year One

Following are the tools required for the First Year of the Automotive program.

Each student entering the Automotive program is required to have, by the end of the first week of classes, their own tools and some supplies. The brand and quality of tools is up to the judgment of the student, however, it is strongly recommended that only professional grade tools be purchased. This is a MINIMUM required tool and supply list but ANY additional tools and supplies are welcome.

These tools represent a significant expenditure of money, but their purchase should be looked at as a lifetime investment, and not as just another college expense.

Student toolboxes are kept in the Automotive Laboratory building during the school year.  A locked space is provided to ensure adequate security.

Total Estimated Cost of Tools: $800 - $3000 (Depending on tool manufacturer, tool quality, warranty etc.)  There will also be a cost for books of approximately $350.

One vendor that sells discount tool packages to students is Snap-On Tools. These tools can be ordered directly from Snap-On and delivered to the student's home during the summer, or directly to the Automotive Laboratory at Delhi College during the first week of classes at the start of the Fall semester. Students can deal directly with the Snap-On sales representative.

Snap-on tools
800-879-3322 Ext. 8003

Another vendor that has discounted tools is Fastenal. These tools can be ordered directly from Fastenal.  The tools can be delivered to the student's home during the summer, delivered to the Automotive Laboratory at Delhi College during the first week of Fall classes, or be picked up in Oneonta, New York at any time.

Craftsman and Fastenal Tools

Tools and supplies are also available through Delhi Automotive and Truck Supplies.

Delhi Automotive and Truck Supplies
170 Main Street
Delhi, NY 13753

Haggerty Ace Hardware, next to the campus, can also supply some of the more common tools.

Haggerty Ace Hardware
Price Chopper Plaza
Delhi, NY 13753

Other sources of general tools are Home Depot, Lowes, Sears, etc. Specific questions about tools should be directed to the program faculty. Their e-mail addresses are on the Automotive webpage under "Faculty."

Automotive First Year Tool List

Also Required: Digital Multimeter "Snap-On" Model EEDM504D (approx. cost $130)

A. You can make your own jumper wires by going to an electrical supply store and purchasing the alligator clips and wire. We will assist you in making the jumper wire from the materials you purchased after you arrive in the program.

B. Available in College Campus Store.


Last Updated: 6/10/16