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Tool List
Carpentry and Building Trades Tool List

Tools required for the CARPENTRY and BUILDING TRADES Associate Degrees, and for those enrolled in the one year of Carpentry as a Certificate Program.

The cost of these tools will range from $800. to $1000. depending upon tool quality. Purchase only professional quality tools.  Students can purchase tools at places such as Sears, Home Depot, Lowes, and transport them to campus. 

For more convenience, there are four area vendors that sell discounted tool packages and individual tools, to students; Fastenal, Tinkertown Supply, Curtis Lumber, and Ace Hardware.  Tools purchased from Fastenal or Tinkertown can be delivered to the student's home during the summer, or, be delivered to the Carpentry Lab on campus during the first few days of Fall classes. Tools from Curtis Lumber(two miles from campus) can be delivered to the Carpentry Lab on campus during the first few days of Fall classes, or be picked up in person. Ace Hardware is located across the street from the campus and the purchased tools can be picked up there. The contact info for these vendors is:

Craftsman/Fastenal Tools            

Roger Woodruff
Tinkertown Supply

Bill Cairns
Curtis Lumber
46631 State Highway 10
Delhi, NY 13753

Jeff Haggerty
Haggerty Ace Hardware
Price Chopper Plaza
Delhi, NY 13753

Tom Ballard Jr.
Pickett Building Materials
6459 State Highway 23
Oneonta NY 13820
*Tools can be delivered to campus, or picked up in person at the store. Please order early to allow reorder time for out of stock items.

Work boots and safety glasses are REQUIRED in all lab situations - students will not participate in labs without them. If you wear prescription glasses, prescription safety glasses will be required.

Your entire class will own tools similar or identical to yours. To decrease the possibility of mistaken identity, each tool should be clearly and permanently marked with your name and/or some form of identification number before you arrive to start classes.

Last Updated: 6/10/16