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Tool List
Welding Technology Tool List

Following are the tools required for those students entering the Welding Technology program for an Associate Degree or a Certificate.  The cost of the tools will be about $400.  In addition there will be the cost of Textbooks of approximately $200.  The tools are required for the first day of class.

There are two area vendors that sell discounted tools to students, Fastenal and Tinkertown Supply.  Tools purchased from either vendor can be delivered to the student's home during the summer, or, be delivered to the Welding Laboratory at Delhi College during the first week of Fall classes. The sales representatives are:

Craftsman/Fastenal Tools            

Roger Woodruff
Tinkertown Supply

With tools the old adage applies "you get what you pay for." Past students have purchased some of the common tools at places such as Sears, Home Depot, Lowes, and specialty stores. You may want to identify each of your tools in some fashion because your classmates will all have the same or similar looking tools.

Some of the specialized welding tools may only be available from an Welding distributor that supplies Welding contractors.  Look in your Yellow Pages under Welding Supplies.

2 Pair of clear lens safety glasses with side shields or should the student wear prescription glasses, they should be safety lenses with side shields suitable for shop work. NOTE: Contact lenses cannot be worn when welding. You will need conventional eye glasses.



Last Updated: 6/10/16