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Do you enjoy homebuilding and remodeling? Do you dream of owning your own business? Then Carpentry may be the right choice for you. A good carpenter has excellent hand-eye coordination, a good sense of balance, is physically fit, and can solve math problems quickly and accurately. Through our annual house-building project, other work and hands-on lab activities, our program places great emphasis on developing the residential construction, masonry, cabinetmaking and woodworking skills you’ll need to be a successful carpenter.

This program leads to an A.O.S. degree in Carpentry and Building trades. SUNY Delhi also offers an A.A.S. degree in Carpentry.

The Carpentry programs place their emphasis on the hand skills and techniques used in residential construction. This program has a theoretical side as well, but the primary objective is to educate you to be a skilled craftsman or craftswoman. You will have regular assignments on actual job sites where you will earn real-life experience.

Carpenty Student Building BenchThe A.O.S. Carpentry and Building trades program is designed for someone wishing to start their own remodeling or woodworking business.  This major contains one liberal arts math course, while the related A.A.S. Carpentry curriculum contains seven liberal arts, math, and science courses. The A.O.S. and the A.A.S. degrees allow the student the  flexibility to choose woodworking, masonry, or remodeling as a second year option.

If you have any plans for further study in technical education or in construction management, you should enroll in the A.A.S. degree rather than the A.O.S. degree.




Minimum requirements to be considered for admission HS Average: 75
Algebra Regents: 70
Transfer GPA: 2.0

SUNY Code (AAS): 1392
SUNY Code (AOS): 0503

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