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How to Apply

Apply for Admission to the IBEW Associate Degree Program


The Application Process

1.      Complete the online SUNY Application.

2.      Select “Delhi” as the campus choice and “Electrical Construction and Instrumentation w/Tri-City” (1926) as the major code. Please note that this code is only for the online IBEW program.

3.      Complete and submit a Supplemental Information Form indicating that you want the online IBEW program.

4.      Have your high school transcript or GED, Journeyman Certification, American Council on Education ACE Transcript and official college transcripts from all colleges attended regardless of credits earned sent to:

           SUNY Delhi Admissions
           454 Delhi Drive
           Delhi, NY 13753
           Fax: 607-746-4104


Is there a deadline for application?

Matriculated students are accepted in the fall or spring semester only. 

Important Dates 

Spring 2017 Semester - Monday, January 23rd - First day of Class

Fall 2017 Semester - Monday, August 28th - First day of Class




For more information, 
please contact:

SUNY Delhi Admissions
(607) 746-4550

William Burke
Technology Division

Last Updated: 9/11/16