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At Delhi we believe a good Internship experience should be a combination of practical, hands-on participation coupled with a focused educational goal that complements your professional aspirations.

The three essential people in a successful internship experience are the student, the faculty member and the internship cooperator. Each plays an equally important part in the success of the experience and all must work together to direct the internship.

Internship experience makes a difference when competing for the more attractive positions and locations. In addition, people you meet during your practical training can become sources for character and work references. It is also an excellent way to build a network of contacts within the profession.

The following is detailed information about Delhi’s internship:

Students enrolled in the Landscape Design and Management program must complete one internship during their tenure at Delhi. The Internship will be full time (40 hours per week), at a facility that is a recognized landscape design & build firm, greenhouse, nursery, or grounds management or related to the field. Each student must be registered in an internship class (LDCT 180) to receive academic credit. All internships are completed under the direction and guidance of a faculty advisor along with a qualified manager or mentor at the approved facility. Before a student is placed as an intern, the site must be reviewed and approved by the Internship Coordinator. All initial and subsequent contact with the host facility will be made by the student with assistance from a faculty advisor. Students have the opportunity to choose from numerous facilities and various related industries most often chosen for a students’ particular interest. By completing internship assignments, students receive on-the-job training and academic credit as outlined in each programs curriculum. Many students upon completing their final internship are offered full time employment at internship site.






Minimum requirements to be considered for admission HS Average: 75
Algebra Regents: 73
Biology Regents: 73

SUNY Curriculum Code: 0638

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