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Plumbing, Heating and Refrigeration

Plumbing, Heating, and Refrigeration - AOS Degree

The two-year Plumbing, Heating, and Refrigeration program consists of the first-year courses from the one-year certificate program in Plumbing, Heating and Pipefitting and the courses from the one-year Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning certificate program.  New students are accepted for the Fall semester only and can choose to begin their studies with Plumbing and Heating (Curriculum Code 1159) or Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (Curriculum Code 0957).

Plumbers install and repair the water, waste disposal, drainage, and gas systems in homes and commercial and industrial buildings. Plumbers also install plumbing fixtures—bathtubs, showers, sinks, and toilets—and appliances such as dishwashers and water heaters. Pipe fitters install and repair both high-pressure and low-pressure pipe systems used in manufacturing. Plumbers must be able to follow building plans or blueprints and instructions from supervisors, lay out the job, and work efficiently with the materials and tools of their trade.

Air-conditioning and refrigeration systems consist of many mechanical, electrical, and electronic components, such as motors, compressors, pumps, fans, ducts, pipes, thermostats, and switches. Technicians must be able to maintain, diagnose, and correct problems throughout the entire system. To do this, they adjust system controls to recommended settings and test the performance of the system using special tools and test equipment. Technicians often specialize in either installation or maintenance and repair. They also may specialize in doing heating work or air-conditioning or refrigeration work.

Career Options

Job opportunities are expected to be very good, as demand for skilled plumbers and pipe fitters are expected to outpace the supply of workers well trained in this craft. Workers with welding experience should have especially good opportunities.  For those who would like to advance, it is increasingly important to be able to communicate in both English and Spanish in order to relay instructions and safety precautions to workers with limited understanding of English.

Distinctive Features

Each year, Delhi skilled trades students build a unique house design for a customer.  Plumbing and Heating students work alongside Carpentry and Electrical students on the house project.

SUNY Delhi uses Refrigeration Service Engineers Society training manuals in all its Refrigeration courses.  Membership in the RSES Student Chapter is included in the textbook cost.  Students take the RSES certification exam as a part of their program.
Faculty with Areas of Expertise.

Delhi Plumbing and Heating and Air-Conditioning faculty are veteran instructors and experienced tradesmen who remain active in their field.

Admissions Requirements

Successful applicants are high school graduates with a minimum of a 73% overall average or a minimum 2500 GED test score. A 70% or higher on the Math A regents exam is highly recommended.


Admission Requirements
HS Average: 70 
Algebra Regents (recommended): 70
Transfer GPA: 2.0

SUNY Curriculum Code: 1159

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