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SUNY Delhi Architecture Program 

Bachelor of Technology Degree

Program Statement: An Architect can be defined as “a person who designs buildings, and advises in their construction.” It is the responsibility of the architect to design places that serve an intended purpose while speaking to broader aspirations, both personal, and public. Architects are active participants in shaping the physical landscape of the world, and through their special perspective, and intervention, help define how the world should be.

Delhi provides preparation for meaningful participation in Architecture through two pre-professional degree programs. A two year Associate in Applied Science degree in Architectural Technology, and a four year program leading to a Bachelor of Technology degree in Architectural Design and Building. Both programs build on a solid foundation of liberal arts, and sciences, overlain with building systems technology, structural engineering, architectural history, and theory, and most critically, a multi-semester, studio design sequence.



Minimum requirements to be considered for admission HS Average: 80
Algebra Regents: 75
Geometry Regents: 75
Recommended: Trig,
Physics, & Studio Arts
Transfer GPA: 2.3
Portfolio Required

SUNY Curriculum Code: 1852

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