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Architecture Student Projects

Student Projects & Portfolios                           

Powell Student Project


    Kiosk Design for the Catskill Collaborative
              Jason Powell '10


Hitchcock Student Project


     Sustainable Hudson Valley - Display Unit
        William Hitchcock/David Carr '10



Egelston Project    

      Kiosk Design for the Catskill Collaborative
                    Grant Egelston '11



Wanser Student Project


   Kiosk Design for the Catskill Collaborative
                Aaron Wanser '13



Design Projects


Delhi Village Center Development Project


               Class of 2011 - Spring
      Delhi Village Center Development


Civic Center Design


               Class of 2011 - Fall
          Delhi Village Civic Center



 Sophomore Project '12  

             Class of 2012 -Spring
          ARCH 140 Design Projects



  Freshman Project   

               Class of 2013 - Spring
              ARCH 125 Final Project



Fall '10 Project


                    Class of 2012 - Fall
     Building Analysis and Design Composition



Delaware Valley Hospital Project


                    Class of 2012 - Fall
       Delaware Valley Hospital Renovation



Delhi Commons Project


                    Class of 2012 - Spring
                   Delhi Commons Project



Faculty Portfolios

Andoh Portfolio


       Profesor, Nana Andoh









Minimum requirements to be considered for admission HS Average: 80
Algebra Regents: 75
Geometry Regents: 75
Recommended: Trig,
Physics, & Studio Arts
Transfer GPA: 2.3
Portfolio Required

SUNY Curriculum Code: 1852

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