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Architecture Technology:
Technical Standards for admission, progression, and graduation

The following technical standards describe the non-academic qualifications required for entrance to, continuation in, and graduation with an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree in Architecture Technology or a Bachelor of Technology (BT) in Architectural Design and Building from SUNY College of Technology at Delhi. Candidates must be able to meet these minimum standards, with or without reasonable accommodation, for successful completion of certificate/degree requirements.

Thinking skills

General: Solve complex architectural design problems through analysis of problem elements and synthesis of problem elements into coherent design solutions.


• Read and understand assignment requirements.
• Frame and ask questions relevant to the solution of assignments.
• Develop ability to self criticize.
• Research topics, both from previous instruction and outside or additional sources, to support design solutions.
• Apply basic math, trigonometry, and algebra in solution of technical problems.
• Distinguish important from unimportant information in problem solving.
• Explore multiple solutions to design problems.

Sensory/Observation skills

General: Use sensory cues to do create accurate drawings and models.


• Develop designs from rough sketches through to effective presentation drawings and models.
• Judge visual and spatial relationships.
• Distinguish basic colors.

Motor skills

General: Possess mobility and dexterity to complete computer and hand drawings, and to build scale models. Possess mobility, strength, and dexterity to use hand tools in building construction labs.


• Produce lines, shapes, and figures on paper and boards, using computer and hand methods.
• Measure, cut, and assemble scale models from cardboard and other light materials, using hand tools.
• Lift, saw, nail, hammer, and bolt light-wood or metal construction components in construction lab courses.

Communication skills

General: Communicate to gather and convey information and concepts.


• Speak, write, and understand English.
• Obtain necessary information from oral and written sources.
• Present design ideas orally and graphically.

Behavioral skills

General: Behave appropriately in both self-directed and shared-learning environments.


• Work independently with minimal supervision.
• Work cooperatively with partners and groups.
• Follow through with responsibilities in a timely manner.
• Work diligently and put in necessary time to complete tasks.
• Persist on difficult tasks.
• Exercise good judgment.

Environmental tolerance

General: Function safely in construction labs and design studios.


Work for prolonged periods amidst:

• Artificial lighting
• Air-conditioning

Minimum requirements to be considered for admission HS Average: 80
Algebra Regents: 75
Geometry Regents: 75
Recommended: Trig,
Physics, & Studio Arts
Transfer GPA: 2.3
Portfolio Required

SUNY Curriculum Code: 1852

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