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AAS to BT Degree Options (2+2)

A unique aspect of our Construction Management: Design and Building Bachelor degree is that we are one of the few programs that offers such an option.  Whether you begin your career here at SUNY Delhi in our Construction Technology program or choose to transfer from a comparable institution it allows you to obtain both an Associates and Bachelor Degree.

The Bachelor of Technology in Construction Management: Design & Building degree at Delhi is comprised of your first two years being in the Construction Technology A.A.S. curriculum followed by your next two years in the Construction Management curriculum. You can enter into the Bachelor program as a freshman if admission requirements are met, if you feel you currently do not meet the minimum admission requirements for acceptance into the B.T. you can still apply to the Construction Technology A.A.S degree.  This option allows you to then apply after your third semester to the Bachelor of Technology program.

Minimum requirements to be considered for admission to the B.T from our Construction Technology program are;

*See below for a list of the B.T. programs core Competencies.


Transfer Students

If your current institution's Construction related associates curriculum appears to offer a similar or "parallel" educational experience to that of SUNY Delhi's Construction Technology Program (A.A.S.). Specific compliance shall be checked in accordance with the established Core Competencies of SUNY Delhi's Construction Management B.T. Option.

Articulation agreements have been made with the following college institution Construction related programs;

Core Competencies

Minimum requirements to be considered for admission
HS Average: 80
Algebra Regents: 75
Geometry Regents: 75
Trig & Physics Recommended
Transfer GPA: 2.3

SUNY Curriculum Code: 2248

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