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Students in the business department can apply for all campus scholarships that are available to all SUNY Delhi students that they qualify for.  In addition they are eligible to apply for the Merrill Scholarship after they have completed 24 hours of coursework. This scholarship is based on academic achievement and community service. Awards vary per student depending on the assessment of the Merrill Family Foundation. Students may apply each year.


pdf icon   Download General Scholarship Application Form Now >>

Submit completed application form via mail, fax, or email to:

SUNY Delhi Financial Aid
Bush Hall
454 Delhi Drive
Delhi, NY 13753

Fax: 607-746-4104







Minimum requirements to be considered for admission
HS Average: 80
Algebra Regents: 75
English Regents: 75
Science Regents
Transfer GPA: 2.3

SUNY Curriculum Code: 2243

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Contact Information
P 607-746-4040
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Last Updated: 2/19/16