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Veterinary Technology Management
Bachelor of Business Administration Degree

Are you passionate about helping animals?  The first program in the U.S., our Vet Tech program is nationally recognized for excellence.  The program offers extensive laboratory facilities, experienced faculty and staff and hands-on education with companion, lab and farm animals.   Facilities include labs, a surgical suite, kennels, research housing, and an in-house primate colony.  An extensive large animal complex houses horses, cows, sheep, goats, pigs and chickens as well as lab spaces for clinical procedures.  The Merrill Special Collections Room in the Resnick Library offers students dedicated reference materials and a comfortable learning space. 

Do you aspire to manage your own animal facility?  The BT in Veterinary Technology Management is the degree for you.  It combines the hands-on animal experiences acquired in our associate degree program with business management skills.

The primary educational and career objective of the SUNY Delhi Bachelor of Business Administration in Veterinary Technology Management program is to graduate technicians who possess business management capabilities. The semester-by-semester curriculum layout below indicates how this goal has been integrated to provide the technician with the knowledge and skills necessary to compete successfully as a technician-manager in the exciting, evolving world of veterinary and laboratory animal medicine. 

During the past two decades, with the advent of board certification of specialties in veterinary medicine, the nature and character of veterinary practice have changed. There has been a proliferation of multiple-veterinarian private practices, often encompassing a variety of specialties. These large group practices have provided a rich, challenging environment for well-trained-and-educated veterinary technicians. Also, these practices have created a demand for technicians who are not only knowledgeable about veterinary medicine, but also capable of managing the business aspects and lay personnel of a practice. With increasing economic pressure, even smaller, more routine veterinary practices have come to recognize the benefits of having a competent veterinary technician who also has management capabilities on staff. Such technicians free their employers from the day-to-day management of the practice, enabling the employers to function more fully as practicing veterinarians.

Industrial veterinary medicine, consisting of the commercial pharmaceutical industry, private and academic biomedical research institutions, and purely academic facilities, also has great demand for well-trained veterinary technicians and for technicians who can also function as animal resource managers. On-the-job training is not providing enough adequately trained managers to meet the needs of this aspect of veterinary medicine. Laboratory animal resource managers face many challenges, including rapidly changing technology, regulations, and institutional policies. Managers that can effectively address these challenges are in tremendous demand.



Minimum requirements to be considered for admission Transfer GPA: 2.3
Licensed Vet Tech

SUNY Curriculum Code: 1742

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