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College Catalog Fall 2006 - Spring 2007
Continuing Education

Accelerated College Entrance Program

SUNY Delhi has created a series of programs and activities to meet the educational needs of the surrounding community. The College currently has three programs that serve the needs of area high school students seeking college courses for credit while completing a high school diploma.

The College reaches out to area students who are "school bound" through two programs. The ONC/BOCES Distance Learning Program provides instructional capability to students in fourteen area high schools and BOCES Occupational Centers, using state-of-the-art "full motion" video technology. The Accelerated College Entrance Program delivers college-level courses at a growing number of high schools using on-site instruction during the regular school day.

High school students with access to the campus can enroll in the broad array of courses offered by the College, thus benefiting from the experience of a college learning environment while receiving a significant reduction in tuition and fees.

Non-Matriculated Students

The Office for Continuing Education serves non-matriculated students: those who have not been admitted to a degree or certificate program at the College, but who are enrolled in credit-bearing courses. The Office for Continuing Education also welcomes individuals interested in college study to improve academic standing, prepare for a college major, meet job advancement needs, prepare for employment, or just learn something new. Information, advisement, skills assessment, registration, and scheduling services are all provided to assist individuals with educational endeavors. Registration and scheduling materials are generally available after April 15th for the summer and fall terms, and after October 15th for the spring term. Once non-degree students whose educational goal is a certificate or degree have completed 12 credit hours, they must apply for matriculation in the program of their choice through the Enrollment Services Office.

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