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College Catalog Fall 2007 - Spring 2008
Restaurant and Food Service Management - AAS

The Field

Success in the restaurant and foodservice management field requires a strong background in the food and beverage area, a solid business background, and leadership ability. Demand for restaurant managers is unprecedented, according to the National Restaurant Association. The primary reason for the booming market is that consumers are eating more and more of their meals away from home, resulting in many new independent and chain-operated restaurant concepts.

The Instructional Program

Delhi's Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree in Restaurant and Food Service Management provides students an opportunity to become part of this exciting and growing management field.

The program offers food-preparation courses with extensive hands-on experience coupled with management courses in menu planning, purchasing, marketing, human resources, and financial management that prepare students for entry-level management positions in this dynamic field.

What makes Delhi's Restaurant and Food Service Management program unique is the six-credit Restaurant Management and Operations course, which requires students to apply the knowledge they have gained in the classroom in a student-operated restaurant (Signatures) located in the Alumni Hall Hospitality Center. Students take part in everything from developing the menu to producing financial statements, as well as day-to-day operations. While rotating through the various positions, students gain valuable practical experience and confidence.

The Delhi chapter of the International Food Service Executives Association is the student organization for Restaurant and Food Service Management majors. This international organization takes part in seminars and workshops and plans student tours to hospitality centers throughout the Northeast.

Delhi also offers a bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management with a concentration in Restaurant and Food Service Management. For information on this program, see the Hospitality Management program description.

Disney Connection

SUNY Delhi students in all hospitality programs (Culinary Arts, Club Management, Hotel and Resort Management, Restaurant and Food Service Management, and Travel and Tourism Management) have successfully participated in the Walt Disney College Program for many years. Through this program, students work at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, for six months in a unique working/learning experience. Students can now earn SUNY Delhi course credit for the Disney courses offered as part of this program while they are working at Disney. Any student interested in this special program option should discuss it with his/her advisor early in their Delhi career. Disney courses include Communications, Leadership, Hospitality Management, Human Resources Management, Disney Marketing U, and Disney Experiential Learning.

Work Requirement

Each student must complete a minimum of 320 hours of work experience in a position related to the hospitality industry during the summer between the first and second years of study. This professional work experience enhances and complements classroom learning. Upon completion, students are evaluated by their employer and submit a comprehensive report. Faculty assist in finding job opportunities, but the student assumes responsibility for securing a position.

Professional Dress

For all hospitality students, professional dress is required for the Orientation class, field trips, interviews, and other special occasions. Professional dress consists of jackets and ties for men; suits, skirts and blouses, or dresses for women. Jeans, sneakers, or work boots are not acceptable.


SUNY Curriculum Code: 1003

First Semester 

Course No.


Cr. Hrs.

 HOSP 100

Orientation to the Hospitality Industry 


 HOSP 110 

Basic Food Preparation and Standards 


 HOSP 115

Basic Food Preparation and Standards Lab 


 HOSP 130

Menu Planning and Controls 


 HOSP 135

Applied Food Service Sanitation 


 ACCT 115

Financial Accounting 


 ENGL 100

Freshman Composition (GE 10) 





Second Semester

Course No.


Cr. Hrs.

 HOSP 120

Food Production, Planning, and Purchasing 


 HOSP 125

Food Production, Planning, and Purchasing Laboratory 


 REST 190

Food and Beverage Cost Control Systems


 ____ ___

Humanities/Literature Elective (GE 7) 


 MATH ___

Mathematics (GE 1)


 ____ ___

Restricted Elective 





Third Semester

Course No.


Cr. Hrs.

 HOSP 210

Hospitality Human Resources Management 


 HOSP 215

Hospitality Marketing


 REST 280

Restaurant Management and Operations Laboratory 





 HTEL 250

Hotel Banquet and Function Management Laboratory 


 ____ ___

Social Science/American History Elective (GE 3 or 4) 


 ____ ___

Restricted Elective





Fourth Semester

Course No.


Cr. Hrs.

 HOSP 205

Hospitality Management


 HOSP 235

Hospitality Professional Work Experience*


 REST 290

Commercial Kitchen Layout and Equipment 


 ____ ___

Arts/Foreign Language Elective
(GE 8 or 9) 


 ____ ___

Science Elective (GE 2) 


 ____ ___

Western Civilization or Other World Civilizations Elective (GE 5 or 6) 


 ____ ___

Restricted Elective





Degree Requirement: 65 credit hours


*This one-credit course requires 320 hours of professional work experience.

Admissions Requirements

Applicants must have successfully completed a year of high school science, preferably biology, and mathematics.


Restricted Electives

Course No.


 ACCT 125

Managerial Accounting

 BUSI 120

Business Communications

 BUSI 205

Small Business Management

 CITA 110

Introduction to Software Applications 

 CULN 100

Culinary Arts I



 CULN 115

Culinary Arts Laboratory

 CULN 265

Advanced Meat Cutting and Identification 

 CULN 290

Culinary Sculpting

 CULN 350

History of Wines

 HOSP 140

Beverage and Beverage Control 

 HOSP 220

Nutrition I

 HOSP 240

Hospitality Internship

 HTEL 160

Hotel Front Office Management and Guest Accounting 

 HTEL 165

Lodging Accommodations Management 

 REST 310

Classical Cuisine

 TRVL 170

Introduction to Tourism

 TRVL 275

Travel and Tourism Packaging 

 TRVL 385

Travel in New York State

 TRVL 388

Convention Services Management 

 Program Objectives

A graduate of the Restaurant and Food Service Management A.A.S. program should be able to:

  1. Discuss the scope of the hospitality industry.
  2. Apply a comprehensive understanding of basic food cookery and baking, industry terminology, product identification, and the use and care of foodservice equipment.
  3. Exhibit knowledge of food purchasing, receiving, and issuing; the elements of proper table service and wine service; and front-of-the-house management controls.
  4. Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the menu as a major management tool for foodservice operations, including its role as a merchandising mechanism and vehicle for the presentation of food and beverage products.
  5. Demonstrate knowledge of basic sanitation principles, ways to apply them in practical situations, and methods of training and motivating employees to follow good sanitation practices.
  6. Understand and apply knowledge of commercial kitchen layout and equipment including equipment selection, sequence of work, and commercial flow.
  7. Demonstrate a realistic understanding of how to operate a restaurant, including the ability to cook food to order, service, purchasing food products, and managerial skills.
  8. Exhibit knowledge of traditional management theory, leadership and management roles, organizational structure and change, service, quality, decision making, empowerment, and ethics.
  9. Understand how fundamental information, approaches, functions, and forms of human resource management are applied to the foodservice industry.
  10. Understand and apply basic marketing and sales principles to the hospitality industry.
  11. Apply the principles of accounting to sales, food, beverage, and labor costs, including preparation of financial statements.
  12. Display a thorough understanding of the restaurant industry acquired through a required eight-week summer internship.

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