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College Catalog Fall 2007 - Spring 2008
Continuing Education

SUNY Delhi has created a series of programs to meet the educational needs of the surrounding community. Currently, the College offers advisement and registration services to local community members who wish to take classes without formally enrolling in a degree program (non-matriculated students), and to academically successful area high school students seeking college credit while earning their high school diplomas.

Non-Matriculated Students

The Continuing Education Office serves non-matriculated students: i.e., those who have not been admitted to a degree or certificate program at SUNY Delhi, but who are enrolled in credit-bearing courses. The Office also welcomes individuals interested in college study to improve academic standing (limited to individuals whose permanent residence lies within a 40-mile radius of SUNY Delhi), prepare for a college major, pursue employment/advancement opportunities, or simply for personal interest. Information, advisement, registration, and scheduling services are all provided to assist individuals with non-matriculated studies. Registration materials and information are generally available in mid-April for summer and fall terms, and in late October for winter and spring terms.

For further details regarding non-matriculated study, contact Enrollment Services at 607-746-4550. 

Accelerated College Entrance Program for High School Students & ONC/BOCES Distance Learning Program

The number of high school students entering college with earned college credits has increased significantly. SUNY Delhi, in collaboration with area high schools, offers local students who are academically well prepared the opportunity to enroll in affordable college-level courses and earn transferable college credit through on-site instruction during the school day through the Accelerated College Entrance Program. In addition, a number of area schools and BOCES centers participate in the ONC/BOCES Distance Learning Program, which uses full-motion advanced video technology to broadcast college-level courses live to participating sites.

Enrollment and registration information for both the ACEP and BOCES Distance Learning programs is provided to area high schools and is also available through SUNY Delhi.

Well-prepared high school students who have access to the SUNY Delhi campus may (with advisement) enroll in the broad array of courses offered by the College, thus benefiting from the experience of the collegiate learning environment while receiving a significant reduction in tuition and fees.

For more information on these programs, contact Enrollment Services at 607-746-4550.

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