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Admission to SUNY Delhi is based on an applicant's academic qualifications, and is made without regard to the race, color, creed, age, sex, national origin, marital status, disability, or handicap of an individual. Admission will be offered to qualified applicants whose academic preparation and experience indicate that there is a reasonable chance for success in their chosen curricula.

Applications are received on a rolling basis; however, students are encouraged to apply early, particularly to popular programs of study such as Nursing, Applied Technologies, and Veterinary Science Technology. Students are admitted to specific curricula, and admission varies according to available space.

The credentials of each applicant are evaluated on an individual basis based on academic standards set by the College faculty. Candidates are encouraged to include as many college-preparatory courses as possible in their high school program. Applicants with strong academic backgrounds have an advantage over those who have completed less rigorous high school programs, particularly where the number of applicants for programs exceeds the available space.

Any deliberate falsification or omission of academic data by a student may result in a denial of admission, revocation of acceptance, or administrative dismissal from the College.



To be eligible for consideration for admission to a baccalaureate program, a candidate must submit a formal application and be a graduate of an accredited secondary school or have an equivalent education. Visit the Bachelor Degree pages of this catalog to view the specific admission requirements for each degree.



Students who have attended other colleges, full or part time, are classified as transfer students and may be admitted with advanced standing. In addition to the application procedures listed above, transfer applicants must request official transcripts from all previously attended colleges. These must be submitted directly from those colleges to the Enrollment Services Office at SUNY Delhi.

See the "Academic Policies" section of this catalog for further information about transfer credit.

Transfer Credit Evaluation

SUNY Delhi accepts transfer credits from accredited institutions, the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), the College Entrance Examination Board's Advanced Placement Examination (AP), Regents College Examinations, and the Armed Forces. Applicants must submit official transcripts and/or other official documentation.

 Transfer credit evaluations are provided after a student has been accepted to the College. SUNY Delhi accepts a maximum of half the required credit hours for associate degree programs, 83 credit hours for bachelor degree programs, and up to half of the total credit hours required for graduation in certificate programs. Members of the Armed Forces may be eligible for additional transfer credit hours (PE and First Aid).

 See the "Academic Policies" section of this catalog for further information about transfer credit.

Armed Forces Credit

Some training courses provided by the Armed Forces may be the equivalent of college courses, and transfer credit may be obtained. Where courses, service-school experience, or subject-matter exams are applicable to a curriculum, credit will be determined using the American Council on Education publication Guide to Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services.



U.S. citizens and permanent residents:

1. Complete a SUNY application form at or send a written request for a paper application to State University of New York, Application Processing Center, State University Plaza, Albany, New York 12246. The $50 non-refundable application fee can be paid online or payment can be sent to the State University of New York, Application Processing Center, State University Plaza, Albany, New York 12246.


  1. Holders of a high school equivalency diploma (GED) should submit a copy of their test scores and diploma to the SUNY Delhi Enrollment Services Office. High school transcripts should also be sent directly to the SUNY Delhi Enrollment Services Office.
  2. Scores from the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or the American College Test (ACT) should be submitted directly from the testing agency to the SUNY Delhi Enrollment Services Office.
  3. Applicants may, in certain instances, be required to visit the campus for a personal interview. A personal interview may be the most critical factor in determining your college choice and, therefore, should be part of every prospective student's selection process. Delhi faculty generally make themselves available to see students when requested as part of the admissions visit.

International Student Applicants:

Applicants who are not permanent residents of the United States must compete an international student application at The following materials should be forwarded to the Enrollment Services Office at SUNY Delhi:

  1. Completed FSA-1, -2, -3, and -4 forms.
  2. Scores from a TOEFL examination.
  3. Official copies of all academic transcripts, accompanied by a translation if the originals are not in English.
  4. Adequate financial resources that are documented by bank or other financial statements. Financial resources need to be in place prior to granting an I-20 certification.

Please note that each international student applicant must have the equivalent of a United States high school diploma. I-20 forms will be sent only after a student has been accepted by the College.

Early Admission Program

Early admission may be granted to an applicant who has completed the junior year of high school and who is recommended for college by the principal or a counselor. A contract detailing specific arrangements for completing the requirements for high school graduation must be made among the student, the high school principal, and the Dean of Enrollment Services. For further information, contact the Enrollment Services Office. Arrangements for this contract are the responsibility of the applicant.

Non-Matriculated Students

Non-matriculated students should, at a minimum, have completed their junior year of high school. Depending on their circumstances, non-matriculated students are served by various offices on campus. For further information, contact the Enrollment Services Office or the Continuing Education Office.




Application Deadlines and Decisions:  Applications are considered on a rolling admissions basis with all eligible candidates admitted first-come, first-served. In considering applicants for admission, the Enrollment Services Office places particular emphasis on the following:

  1. Secondary-school records or equivalency scores.
  2. Satisfactory completion of prerequisite course requirements established for the respective curriculum of the College.
  3. SAT or ACT scores. While not required, scores from either test, when available, will be used in conjunction with all other available academic credentials.
  4. Additional information to explain special or extenuating circumstances.

Admission decisions are released beginning November 1 for the following fall semester and continue throughout the year.

Once a student receives an acceptance letter from the college, required deposits must be made by the student to reserve a place in a program and confirm the acceptance (see below).

January Applicants:

Each year the College admits a limited number of students for the spring semester. Several programs are not available for spring admission due to the sequencing of courses in those programs. Prospective applicants should refer carefully to the curricula listed in the SUNY Application Guidebook or contact the SUNY Delhi Enrollment Services Office.





Prospective students and their families are encouraged to visit the campus to discuss college plans with an admissions counselor. This interview provides an opportunity to discuss academic major and career choices, college life, and financial aid. Further, all visiting students and their families will be offered a tour of the campus. The Enrollment Services Office is open for appointments from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.



Former students who are in good academic standing and wish to return after a lapse of one or more semesters must submit a Petition for Reentry to the Enrollment Services Office.

Students who wish to pursue a second degree after graduating from a Delhi program must complete an application at

Students who are academically dismissed from the College are required to:




Delhi is a member of the Service Members Opportunity Colleges (SOC) and Service Members Opportunity Colleges Associate Degree (SOCAD) program. The College is part of a consortium of national higher education institutions which function in cooperation with the Department of Defense, the Military Services, and the Coast Guard to help meet the voluntary higher education needs of service members and their dependents.

Concurrent Admissions Program (CON AP)

The Concurrent Admissions Program (CON AP) is conducted by colleges and universities that are members of Service Members Opportunity Colleges (SOC). Concurrent with their enlistment in the Army, new soldiers are encouraged to apply for admission to SUNY Delhi. Upon meeting satisfactory criteria for full or provisional admission, soldiers will be allowed to defer admission until completion of military service.

After completing a two-, three- or four-year enlistment, the new veteran will be encouraged to enroll at Delhi. This program also applies to soldiers enlisting in the Army Reserve.

Those interested in the CON AP program are encouraged to contact the Office of Enrollment Services.


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