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College Catalog Fall 2011 - Spring 2012

SUNY General Education Requirement

The SUNY General Education Requirement (SUNY-GER) enables students to acquire knowledge and skills that are useful and important for all educated persons, regardless of their jobs or professions. (SUNY Board of Trustees Resolution, January 2010).

The 10 General Education (GE) subject areas are:

In some cases, students can satisfy one of the GE subject areas based on performance on certain standardized tests. Also, courses listed in more than one GE subject area may be used to meet the requirement for both areas (with the exception of the Humanities [GE7]).

Students who fulfill two requirements with one course must still take the minimum credits of GE course work required for their degree program: 21 credit hours for A.A. and A.S. students and 30 credit hours for bachelor's degree students. Students should discuss how their program meets the SUNY-GER with their academic advisors.

Although these requirements do not apply to A.A.S. degrees, students in those programs should be mindful of the SUNY-GER if they plan to transfer to a SUNY four-year school, since all SUNY institutions are subject to the same general education requirements.

An up-to-date list of all approved SUNY Delhi GE courses can be found on the Current Students Web page.

SUNY-GER for A.A. and A.S. Degree Programs:

All SUNY Delhi students enrolled in A.A. and A.S. degree programs are required by SUNY to complete course work in seven of 10 GE subject areas. In addition, critical-thinking and information-management competencies are infused throughout the SUNY-GER curriculum.

Students in A.A. and A.S. programs who plan to transfer to a SUNY four-year school are advised to try to complete that institution’s SUNY-GER requirements for the Bachelor’s Degree before transferring.

SUNY DELHI-GER for Bachelor's Degree Programs:

Part 1.  Earn 30 credits in courses from among the following 10 GE areas:

Four required areas:

Basic Communication (GE10*) 
American History (GE4)
Mathematics (GE1)
Natural Sciences (GE2)


At least one of these two areas:  

Social Sciences (GE3)

Western Civilization (GE5)

At least one of these two areas: Humanities (GE7) The Arts (GE8)
At least one of these two areas: Foreign Language (GE9) Other Word Civilizations (GE6)

*Students are strongly encouraged to include additional course work in Basic Communication.

Part 2.  Demonstrate competency in the following two SUNY GE areas in ways permitted by your bachelor's degree campus:

Two required areas:                   Critical Thinking
Information Management                       


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