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College Catalog Fall 2012 - Spring 2013
Continuing Education

Credit Course Work:

SUNY Delhi has a series of programs to meet the educational needs of the surrounding community. The College offers advisement and registration services to local community members who wish to take classes without formally enrolling in a degree program (non-matriculated students), and to academically successful area high school students seeking college credit while earning their high school diplomas.

Non-Matriculated Students

SUNY Delhi welcomes individuals interested in non-matriculated or non-degree studies.  Non-matriculated simply means that a student has not been formally admitted to a degree or certificate program, but is enrolled in credit-bearing courses.  Students take courses in non-matriculated status for a variety of reasons, which may include:

Contact the Registrar's Office for more information about non-matriculated study.

Many area high schools participate in our College in High School Program. In conjunction with SUNY Delhi, a variety of credit bearing/undergraduate level courses are offered on site at the schools, during the regular day schedule, and at a significantly reduced tuition rate.

To qualify for registration in one or more of these courses, students must be juniors or seniors with a minimum B average (83 or higher). Parents and students should speak with their school's guidance department about course selection and availability.

These courses are transferable to SUNY Delhi, and to most other colleges. Each institution sets its own policies on transfer credit, but in general, a grade of C or better is required to transfer a course. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the courses he/she enrolls in will transfer to the college he/she plans to attend.

Contact the Office of Career and Business Development for information about this opportunity.

Non-academic and non-credit courses and workshops:

SUNY Delhi offers a variety of classroom and online non-credit courses. Offerings are available to help individuals upgrade job-related skills, learn new skills, increase professional performance, and for purposes of personal development and cultural enrichment.

Contact the Office of Career and Business Development for information about these offerings.

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