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College Catalog Fall 2013 - Spring 2014
Nursing - AAS

The Instructional Program

The Associate Degree in Nursing is a two-year program; students who successfully complete the program are eligible to take the NCLEX-RN examination. Delhi's Nursing program is accredited by the NLNAC, 3343 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 500, Atlanta, Georgia, 30326; phone: 404-975-5000.

The Nursing program consists of a combination of theoretical and clinical courses. The goal is to educate students to deliver optimum total patient care. Students learn to take responsibility for their clients and to make informed, evidence-based decisions with regard to the physical and psychosocial needs of each client. The combination of classroom instruction and clinical experience gives students many opportunities to apply their theoretical knowledge to clinical practice.

Full- and part-time study is available within the Nursing curriculum. If part-time study is pursued, a student must complete program requirements within four years.

Clinical rotations are provided at several hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, physicians' offices, and mental health facilities.  Transportation to clinical sites is the responsibility of the individual student. Because of the clinical component, special uniforms, health requirements, immunizations, and professional rescuer CPR are required of nursing students. Students will receive information about this after they are accepted into the program.

Nursing is a licensure program and has special requirements for entry and licensure. This information should be utilized when making career choices. Conviction for a felony or misdemeanor may affect an individual's right to be licensed. Applicants with concerns should contact the Albany Licensing Bureau at 1-800-342-3729.

Partnership for Nursing Opportunities

SUNY Delhi and Bassett Healthcare in Cooperstown have joined forces to provide attractive and affordable paths to both associate and baccalaureate degrees in Nursing, as well as employment with a major regional healthcare provider. The program is sequential and begins with entrance in year two as an LPN in the A.A.S degree program in Nursing at Delhi.  The student can then work part time for Bassett Hospital and continue on through a specially designed educational program leading first to an associate degree in Nursing from Delhi and then to a bachelor degree in Nursing. Special financial aid is available to program participants. For additional information, contact Delhi's Admissions Office at 1-800-96-DELHI.

Minimum Requirements to be Considered for Admission


Transfer Student:




SUNY Curriculum Code: 0622

SUNY General Education Requirements: Students who intend to receive A.A., A.S., or baccalaureate degrees must satisfy SUNY and campus General Education (GE) requirements to graduate. Students should be aware that GE requirements may vary by academic program. Consult with your academic advisor. For general information, see the "General Education" section of this catalog.

A.A.S. and A.O.S. degree students may not be required to fulfill General Education (GE) requirements; however, any student who may wish to transfer should complete as many GE courses as possible. Consult with your academic advisor.

Technical Standards:  In addition to academic requirements, all applicants must also be able to meet the minimum Technical Standards for the program, with or without reasonable accommodation.

Academic Requirements:

Minimum Total Credit Hours = 64; Additionally, students must earn a grade of C+ or better or Pass in each nursing course, a grade of C or better in each ALHT course, and a grade of C or better in all other required courses.

Major Courses Required  = 40 credit hours

Course No. Course Cr. Hrs.
NURS 101 Introduction to Nursng 3
NURS 110 Nursing I 3
NURS 115 Nursing II 3
NURS 120 Practicum I 5
NURS 125 Practicum II
NURS 200 Nursing III 3
NURS 210 Nursing IV 3
NURS 220  Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing 
NURS 230 Practicum III
NURS 240  Practicum IV 3
NURS 255 Maternal/Newborn Nursing 3
NURS 265 Contemporary Nursing 3

 General Education/Liberal Arts Courses Required = 24 credit hours

Course No. Course Cr. Hrs.
BIOL 220 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4
BIOL 225 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4
BIOL 230 General Microbiology 4
ENGL ___ Freshman Composition or Advanced Composition* 3
MATH 115 Statistics  
  OR 3
ALHT 202 Statistics and Research Methods  
PSYC 100 Introductory Psychology I 3
  General Education Elective not previously taken 3


* English is by placement according to competency.


Student Learning Outcomes

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