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Cabinetmaking - Certificate

Cabinetmaking is a specialty area within the field of carpentry and building trades. This field of study includes basic woodworking as well as more advanced cabinetmaking and furniture-making techniques. Cabinetmaking can be done within a production, manufacturing environment, or as an individual artisan specializing in custom design and building.  

SUNY Delhi offers a one-year Cabinetmaking certificate as part of the Carpentry and Building Trades curriculum. This certificate program can be taken by itself, or it can be combined with further instruction in Carpentry to yield an associate's degree. This program's objective is to educate students in both the theory and practice of woodworking and cabinetmaking. The program includes extensive laboratory hours during which students develop and practice the skills of the cabinetmaker.

Students who enroll in the Carpentry and Building Trades associate's degree programs have the option of including one or two semesters of woodworking/cabinetmaking in the second year of their program.

Career Options

The job titles associated with graduates of the Cabinetmaking certificate program are:

There are career opportunities in residential construction, in sub-contracting, and in sole ownership of a cabinetmaking shop. Students who continue on for the associate's degree increase their options for employment in the carpentry and construction fields.

Graduates of the associate's degree programs also have options for further study at the bachelor's degree level. For example, the College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) at Syracuse offers a B.S. degree in Wood Products Technology.

A related career option would be to transfer to a school with a Technology Education or a Vocational Education bachelor’s degree, which would lead to a teaching career at the high school level. In New York State, two schools that offer this degree are SUNY Oswego and SUNY Buffalo.

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