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Disability Advisory Team Members

Team Members by Department


Resnick Learning Center

Linda Weinberg
Coordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities
607-746-4593 or

Enrollment Services

Joshua Gregory
Senior Admissions Advisor
607-746-4555 or


Health and Counseling Service

Amanda Archibald
607-746-4698 or


Business and Hospitality

Jessica Backus-Foster
Assistant Professor
607-746-4041 or


Liberal Arts and Sciences

Amber Tatnall
Assistant Professor
607-746-4138 or

Laura Zeimba 
BSN Practicum Coordinator
607-746-4427 or

Sandra Johnson 
Associate Professor
607-746-4279 or



Eric Laine II
Assistant Professor
607-746-4280 or



Kristy Fitch
Systems Administrator
607-746-4672 or



Bradley Post
Acquisitions Manager
607-746-4640 or





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Contact Info
Linda Weinberg
P: 607-746-4593
F: 607-746-4368


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Last Updated: 10/9/14