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Documentation Guidelines

It is the college's policy to provide, on an individual basis, reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities that may affect their ability to fully participate in program or course activities or to meet course requirements. The Resnick Learning Center (RLC) staff members are available to work with students with physical, learning, psychological, or other disabilities to help them better understand the nature of their disability, to develop self-advocacy skills, and to determine appropriate accommodation plans.

To receive academic accommodations, students must identify the disability, provide adequate documentation of the disability by a qualified professional, and work with RLC personnel and classroom faculty to develop an appropriate and reasonable plan for accommodations. All information provided concerning a disability is confidential and is released only as allowed by law or with consent.

In order to evaluate requests, appropriate documentation must be provided directly to the Coordinator of Access and Equity Services. Documentation should not be sent to any other office within the college. These guidelines are intended to identify the minimum documentation criteria for consideration of a disability-related accommodation request.

Documentation serves as the basis for providing academic adjustments, accommodations, and auxiliary aids and services under the ADA and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. The documentation must both identify a physical or mental impairment, which substantially affects a life function, and supply information identifying current functional limitations that require accommodation in order to assure equal access to the college's programs and services.

The documentation must be prepared by a person, not a family member of the student, qualified by professional training and practice to diagnose and treat the impairment leading to the disability and typed or word processed onto letterhead of the practitioner or agency employing the practitioner. Handwritten notes on prescription pads are not acceptable.

As appropriate to the disability, documentation should include:Diagnostic Statement
A diagnostic statement identifying the specific disability, including identification of how the condition substantially impairs a life function, the date of the current evaluation, and the date of original diagnosis. Psychiatric diagnoses, including ADD/ADHD, must include the DSM-IV diagnosis and a summary of current symptoms. Clear identification of a disability is necessary. Language indicating individual learning styles or difficulties or the possibility of a disability or diagnosis is not sufficient.


Disability documentation is considered confidential information and does not become part of a student's permanent educational record. In accordance with federal and state law, the college shall maintain confidentiality of student records. All documentation and records will be maintained in the Office of Access and Equity Services.

Documentation and questions should be addressed to:

The Office of Access and Equity Services
221 Bush Hall  Delhi, NY 13753
Phone: 607.746.4593
E-mail   Fax: 607.832.7593


Fill out and submit a Testing Services request form


Contact Info
Gabriella Vasta
Interim Coordinator
P: 607-746-4593
F: 607-832-7593


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Last Updated: 2/19/16