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Accommodated Testing Notification

Resnick Learning Center Notification

It is your responsibility to check with the Testing Center and faculty to make sure your requests were received!

If you would like to take a test in the Testing Center, you must fill in the online Accommodated Testing Notification form, on this page,  72 hours (3 working days) in advance of your exam.


*You no longer have to email your professor the "Instructions for Accommodated Testing" Form.


Mandatory Days for Test Sign-up!

(Example: If your test is on Thursday the latest you can sign up is Monday.)

Sign Up Day    for    Test Day

Monday                      Thursday
Tuesday                     Friday
Wednesday                 Monday
Thursday                    Tuesday
Friday                         Wednesday


Attention Access & Equity Students!

We had some issues with the Testing Request form that used to appear below.

We have moved the form to a new page.

Please click the link below to submit a testing request to the Testing Center. 


 Link to Fill Out Accommodated Testing Form

Fill out and submit a Testing Services request form


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Last Updated: 5/28/14