Plumbing, Heating and Refrigeration

Plumbing and Refrigeration

Courses in the Major

PEDH 220
First Aid: Responding to Emergencies
PHPF 110 Plumbing Codes
PHPF 120 Plumbing Theory
PHPF 130 Plumbing/Drainage Laboratory
PHPF 140 Plumbing Blueprint Drafting
PHPF 150 Heating Theory
PHPF 160 Heating Laboratory
PHPF 170 System Controllers
PHPF 180 Systems Controllers Lab
PHPF 190 Building Energy Requirements
RFAC 110 Fundamentals of Refrigeration
RFAC 120 Fundamentals of Refrigeration Lab
RFAC 130 HVAC Electrical
RFAC 140 Commercial Refrigeration Principles
RFAC 150 Air Conditioning Troubleshooting
RFAC 160 Air Conditioning Principles
RFAC 170 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning System Operation Laboratory