Residential Construction

Residential Construction

WDWK 140 Woodcarving Tool List

Kevlar Glove

You must have a glove to participate. Bring your glove the first day of class.

Students must have some carving chisels - these are the minimum recommended chisels. It may be advantageous to have more. If you already have a set, or some odds and ends, by all means bring them. Check with the Instructor before buying others. There are literally hundreds available. At some point you will probably want to purchase your own sharpening stone and other supplies such as a mallet.

  • #39 60° V-tool 6-10 mm (3/8")
  • #3 Gouge 10-12mm (1/2")
  • #7 Gouge 10-12mm (1/2")
  • #2 Skew Chisel 10-12mm

Other Required Tools

  • Chip carving knife
  • Sharpening stones, including slip-stones
  • Strops and compound
  • Rasps and Rifflers
  • Tool Roll
  • Mallet

Links to suppliers of carving tools and supplies:

PFEIL tools are nice but are more costly

Tools for Working Wood
Also higher priced tools

Chipping Away
Mid-range priced tools at this site

Brand names to search for on the web: Henry Taylor, PFEIL, HIRSCH, Denny, Sorby

Keep in mind when buying tools that price is generally directly related to quality.

Do not buy a "Micro" set. These tools are quite small and will not be adequate for the class needs. If you already have some, they may come in handy later on for detailing.

Tool sets are nice but there are often many tools that go unused depending on the items and type of carvings being worked on.

It is better to start with a minimal list and buy more tools as needed. That way, each person will get exactly what they want and use - instead of using tools just because they are available.

If you have a nice set of tools already, or have an opportunity to buy a nice used set inexpensively, by all means grab it! Be aware of cheap imitations. There are many inferior sets available. They are difficult to use and often the metal is too soft to hold an edge, or the metal is too brittle and chips easily. You will get what you pay for.

If there is a name brand you are unfamiliar with and you are tempted to buy the tools, take a few minutes and perform an internet search. Try to find a forum where the quality is discussed and read the information.