Veterinary Science Technology

Veterinary Science Technology

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

Kenneth Pyle, LATG (Interim Chair)

Barrett Meckel, DVM (Attending Veterinarian)

Katherine Murphy, DVM (Alternate Attending Veterinarian)

Carolyn Scobie, LVT, Facility Manager, (IACUC Administrator)

Kathy Sherwood, (Nonaffiliated Member)

Marjorie Trelease, (Alternate Nonaffiliated Member)

Virginia Bell, Facilities Secretary

Peter Campbell, Instructor, Refrigeration

William Sherman, LVT, Farm Manager

Karen Teitelbaum, Instructional Support Specialist, Liberal Arts and Sciences

Lauren Sloane, (Scientist) Assistant Professor, Liberal Arts and Sciences

Jessica Schiavo, MLAS, RLATG, LVT, Assistant Professor (Recording Secretary)