Business and Technology Management

Business and Technology Management


At Delhi we believe a good Internship experience should be a combination of practical, hands-on participation coupled with a focused educational goal that complements your professional aspirations.

The three essential people in a successful internship experience are the student, the faculty member and the internship cooperator. Each plays an equally important part in the success of the experience and all must work together to direct the internship.

Internship experience makes a difference when competing for the more attractive positions and locations. In addition, people you meet during your practical training can become sources for character and work references. It is also an excellent way to build a network of contacts within the profession.

Students are not required to do an internship in this program. However through the combination of CITA and restricted electives students can do a full semester internship. This is different from independent studies as it encompasses a full semester 15 credit obligation. Students are required to do a minimum of 600 hours under an internship supervisor.

The process involves students finding a viable internship which has to be approved by a committee of faculty as a worthwhile learning experience. Each student is assigned a faculty internship coordinator who monitors the progress of the student throughout the internship. They work with the contact and supervisor at the location of the internship. Depending on location students are visited periodically throughout the internship. Students are assessed a grade based on the input of the internship supervisor and the reporting requirements agreed upon between the faculty coordinator and the students.

This has proven to be a very valuable experience and students have been known to be offered positions in the company depending on their internship performance and availability of positions.