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Automotive Technology Tool List

Each student entering the Automotive program is required to have their own tools and some supplies by the end of the first week of classes. The brand and quality of tools is up to the judgment of the student, however, it is strongly recommended that only professional grade tools be purchased. This is a MINIMUM required tool and supply list but ANY additional tools and supplies are welcome.

These tools represent a significant expenditure of money, but their purchase should be looked at as a lifetime investment, and not as just another college expense.

Student toolboxes are kept in the Automotive Laboratory building during the school year.  A locked space is provided to ensure adequate security.



Quantity          Item

    1                 Tool box (We suggest a type and quality that you can expand on. The number of tools on this list will require a fairly large tool chest. Please choose a tool chest that is 30” or less in width. If you need more room, consider the “stacking” type. A tool chest with rollers will make things easier but it is not required.)

   1                   Set of slotted tip screwdrivers

   1                   Set of Phillips tip screwdrivers

   1                   Gasket scraper

   1                   6" Diagonal cutting pliers

   1                   Vise grip pliers

   1                   6" Slip joint pliers

   1                   Needle nose pliers

   1                   Channel lock pliers

   1                   2-pound ball peen hammer

   1                   1-pound ball peen hammer

   1                   Plastic tip hammer

   1                   Feeler gauge set: up to .040"

   1                   Spark plug wire gauge (round) from .020” to .040"

   1                   Spark plug wire gauge (round) from .044” to .080”

   1                   Set of STANDARD combination wrenches: 1/4" thru 3/4"

   1                   Set of METRIC combination wrenches: 6mm thru 19mm

   1                   Adjustable wrench

   1                   5/8" spark plug socket

   1                   13/16" spark plug socket

   1                   19 mm deep ½” drive impact socket (six point)

   1                   1/4" drive STANDARD socket set: 5/32" thru ½"

   1                   1/4" drive METRIC socket set: 4mm thru 13mm

   1                   1/4" drive universal joint

   1                   1/4" drive ratchet

   1                   1/4" drive 3" extension

   1                   1/4" drive 6" extension

   1                   3/8" drive STANDARD socket set: 3/8" thru 13/16"

   1                   3/8" drive METRIC socket set: 9mm thru 19mm

   1                   3/8" DRIVE STANDARD deep socket set: 3/8" thru 7/8"

   1                   3/8" drive universal joint

   1                   3/8" drive ratchet

   1                   3/8" drive 3" extension

   1                   3/8" drive 6" extension

   1                   3/8" drive to 1/4" drive adaptor

   1                   3/8" drive to ½" drive adaptor

   1                   3/8” drive torque wrench up to 75 foot lbs.

   1                   ½" drive to 3/8" drive adaptor

   1                   3/8" drive flex (speed) handle

   1                   ½" drive torque wrench up to a min. of 175 foot pounds

   1                   Electrical circuit test light (standard impedance)

   1                   Battery terminal cleaning brush for top terminal batteries

   1                   Battery terminal cleaning brush for side terminal batteries

   1                   6" steel ruler (1/32" graduations)

   1                   Tire pressure gauge                                  

   1                   Tire chuck with male coupler (ACME #A914 or equivalent)

   1                   Blow gun with male coupler (ACME #A914 or equivalent)

   1                   OSHA approved portable shop light and extra light bulbs

   1                   Flashlight with extra batteries

   2                   Fender covers

   1                   Pocket knife

   1                   SET of STANDARD flare nut wrenches: 3/8" thru 11/16"

   1                   SET of METRIC flare nut wrenches: 9mm thru 21mm

   1                   SET of STANDARD hex key wrenches

   1                   SET of METRIC hex key wrenches

   1                   Set of 3/8" drive Torx male sockets: T10 thru T55

   1                   Five piece punch and chisel set

   1                   Hacksaw and spare blades

   1                   8' measuring tape

   1                   Tire valve core remover

   1                   Tire tread depth gauge

   1                   Brake spring pliers

   1                   Brake hold down spring tool

   1                   Universal brake spoon

   1                   dust/mist respirator such as Craftsman # 9-1852, Mac # R1590 or                                   equivalent and hearing protection/earplugs

   2                   Jumper wires (14 gauge minimum wire size: 24" minimum length)
                        See note “A” below.

   1                   Safety glasses or goggles. See note “B” below

   1                   Auto-ranging digital multi-meter (DVOM)
                        Snap-on tools model EEDM504D is required.

   1                   Extra DVOM fuses

   1                   4 piece small awl hook and pick set (Snap-on SGASA104A or equivalent)

   1                   Welding helmet (AOS program only)

   1                   Welding gloves (AOS program only)




  1)   One 12 oz spray can of rust penetrating oil (WD-40, CRC or equivalents)

  2)   One 14 oz spray can of carburetor/choke or throttle body cleaner

  3)   One 20 oz spray can Brakleen or equivalent (brake cleaner)



A.        You can make your own jumper wires by going to an electrical supply store and purchasing the alligator clips and wire. We will assist you in making the jumper wire from the materials you purchased after you arrive in the program.

B.        Available in Barnes & Noble Campus Bookstore at SUNY Delhi.



  1      Extra DVOM fuses

  1      Ignition system spark tester (AC ST-125, Thexton 404 or equivalent)

  1     Fuel injection “noid” light test kit for throttle body and multi-port fuel injection systems. (Snap-on FID8838, NAPA 700-1157 or equivalent)

  1      High impedance test light

  1      Hand-operated vacuum pump with gauge

  1      Fuel line disconnect tool set for: Ford, GM, Chrysler and import “quick” disconnect fuel lines

  1      One “tote” type tool box (approx. 22”X9”X9”)  This will be necessary to carry some tools and test equipment back and forth between labs.

  1      “T” pins for backprobing electrical/electronic circuits. You will need two sizes (large and small)  “T” pins are available in the craft section of any Walmart store.

  1      Universal electrical terminal removal kit for flat and round internal and external electrical terminals (Snap-on TT600 or GA500A and YA500GM or equivalents)

Approximate Cost: $300-$400


Total Estimated Cost of Tools: $800 - $3,000 (Depending on tool manufacturer, tool quality, warranty etc.)  There will also be a cost for books of approximately $350.


Vendors for Tool Purchase

Snap-on Tools
800-879-3322 Ext. 8003
Can be ordered directly from company and delivered to the student's home during the summer or delivered to the Automotive Laboratory at SUNY Delhi during the first week of fall classes.

Craftsman and Fastenal Tools
Can be ordered directly from company and delivered to the student's home during the summer, delivered to the Automotive Laboratory at SUNY Delhi during the first week of fall classes, or be picked up in Oneonta, NY at any time.

Delhi Automotive and Truck Supplies
170 Main Street, Delhi, NY 13753

Haggerty Ace Hardware
Price Chopper Plaza, Delhi, NY 13753

Other sources of general tools are Home Depot, Lowes, Sears, etc. Specific questions about tools should be directed to the program faculty.

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