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What do alumni say about their experiences at Delhi?


PJ Breton

PJ Breton
Head Golf Professional
Eastwood Golf Club
Orlando, FL 


"Since graduating from the PGM program at SUNY Delhi, I have become the Head Golf Professional at Eastwood Golf Club in Orlando, Florida. I have also become the player representative for PUMA Golf and Bridgestone Golf on many Mini Pro Golf Tours. This year in 2012, I will be pursuing my dream of competing on the PGA Tour, by going through Q-School.  SUNY Delhi has outstanding facilities and knowledgeable faculty, who taught me many things both on and off the golf course. SUNY Delhi has by far one the best PGM Programs in the country and I could not ask for a better place to have been, it was the best 4 years of my life!"


Mike Mercadante, PGA

Mike Mercadante, PGA
First Assistant Professional
Brynwood Golf Club
Armonk, NY 


"As a New York State resident, enrolling in SUNY Delhi's PGM program was a no-brainer. The accredited schools were too far away and way too expensive for me. I learned from the same curriculum and completed the same internships that the accredited programs require. The faculty and facilities at Delhi are second to none, and at age 24, I'm a PGA member and have paid off all my student loans. If I had to do over, I would choose SUNY Delhi again for Professional Golf Management."


Tom Garby

Tom Garby
1st Assistant Professional
Country Club of Ithaca
Ithaca, NY


"Since enrolling in the PGM Program at SUNY Delhi, I have worked at several golf facilities up and down the East Coast and I can honestly say that the education I received while at SUNY Delhi has left me more prepared for a career in golf than the majority of my coworkers, regardless of the school from which they graduated. SUNY Delhi graduates are becoming a staple in the golf industry, especially in the northeast, with several of our graduate students working as professionals at high end facilities. I would not trade the education I received or the experience I had at SUNY Delhi for anything."


Ryan Hammerlee, PGA

Ryan Hammerlee, PGA
1st Assistant Professional
Onondaga Country Club
Onondaga, NY

"SUNY Delhi’s PGM program was the right choice for me. The experienced teaching staff and courses I took helped prepare me for the PGA Apprentice Program.  It was pretty close to home and saved me a ton of money over attending an accredited university. The facilities are year-round and state-of-the-art, and it was quite possibly the best four years of my life. If I had to do it over again, SUNY Delhi would still be my choice. I can now today say I am a PGA member thanks to my time spent at SUNY Delhi."

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