AOS for IBEW Electricians

AOS for IBEW Electricians

AOS for IBEW Electricians Requirements

Journeyman Electricians complete a 5-year IBEW Inside Wireman apprenticeship period including formal classroom studies and hands-on employment as a union electrician. Classroom studies consist of at least 900 (nine hundred) hours of electrical construction coursework, with at least 4,000 (four thousand) hours of full time on-the-job training as electricians. Successful completion of the 5-year apprenticeship program is marked by a fifth year final exam which must be passed before earning Journeyman status.

You will be awarded 51 college credits upon receipt of your ACE transcript. The ACE transcript will award you college credits based on life experience earned from the 5-year apprenticeship program.

For more information on how to obtain an ACE transcript please follow the link below.

ACE - American Council on Education

SUNY Delhi will combine your ACE transcript with the 12 credits listed below and award you an AOS Degree in Electrical Construction and Instrumentation. The combination of 51 course challenge credits from your ACE transcript and the general study courses will satisfy the 63 credit hour requirement for the AOS Degree in Electrical Construction and Instrumentation.

General Study Courses

Course No.

Cr. Hrs.

GOVT 110 (or)
GOVT 130 (or)
HUMN 120

American Government (or)
World Affairs (or)
Elementary Spanish


HIST 100 (or)
HIST 105 (or
HIST 130

Early American History (or)
Modern American History (or)
History of Western and World Civilizations II


LITR 100 (or)
LITR 110 

Introduction to Literature (or)
Introduction to Fiction


MATH 110 (or)
CITA 110 (or)
ECMT 180

Contemporary Mathematics (or)
Introduction to Software Applications (or)
Alternative and Renewable Energy Systems


  TOTAL 12

*All of the courses may be completed on a part-time basis online through SUNY Delhi. View online course offerings.

Degree Requirements: 63 credit hours

SUNY Curriculum Code: 1926