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Degree Works is coming!

Degree works is a tool that allows students to track courses in progress and help determine what courses are still required for their program. Degree works helps as students work with their advisers on creating a course schedule. This program will replace the current Curriculum Advising and Program Planning (CAPP). Degree works is designed to collaborate with current campus software to provide an up-to-date academic history and degree audit.

Why the transition from CAPP to Degree works?

SUNY has purchased Degree Works for their entire system. In order to support  the Seamless Transfer and Student Mobility initiatives Degree works is required by all SUNY institutions. The SUNY College at Delhi has been directed to move to the new system to support system-wide initiatives as outlined in the SUNY Degree Planning and Auditing project.

Degree Works is a powerful degree auditing tools, and has a much more robust feature set.  The system offers many advantages over CAPP, especially in its visual display and ability to convey and represent more information and requirements.  Students, faculty, and advisers will be able to use Degree works to understand the program requirements as well as plan their course work a lot easier than before. Additional features include:

When can I expect Degree Works?

We are very excited about the opportunities and features that Degree Works will offer. Our plan is to go live with Degree works in the Fall of 2014

Take a Sneak peak

Check out this to view a sample of what Degree works will look like. 


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Last Updated: 1/21/14