Internal Transfer Procedure

Internal Transfer Procedure

Internal Transfer Procedure

Internal Transfer Admissions at SUNY Delhi

Internal Transfer Admissions is the process for a current SUNY Delhi student who is enrolled in one program and would like the opportunity to transfer to a selective program within SUNY Delhi.

Information for Nursing Candidacy

Application Process

Internal Application Forms are obtained in the School of Nursing; applications must be received in the School of Nursing one week before fall semester final exams for admission for the following fall semester. Admission will not be offered for spring semesters. Admission decisions will be made by the Dean of the School of Nursing after fall semester grades are available. Students will be notified by email during winter break.

Admission Requirements

Admission is selective. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required for consideration, but does not guarantee admission, due to the competition for available space. Students should have a strong record in all high school and college courses, especially in the sciences and other prerequisite courses.

  • Minimum of 12 college credits (in level 100 or above courses), each course with a B or above
  • Completion of College-Level Biology, Math and English with a B or above

Students who are accepted for the following fall semester are expected to maintain a 3.0 GPA, complete a minimum of 12 college credits (level 100 and above), each course with a B or above during the upcoming spring semester to retain their acceptance to the Nursing Program and attend an Internal Orientation for Nursing Students.