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February 9, 2009

Delhi College Senate Minutes February 9, 2009

 Meeting called to order by Associate Presider, Mary Wake

             Quorum established at 4:17 p.m.

 Senators Present: Jack Burgess, Donna Dougherty, Cindy Elston, Susan Greenwood, Terry Hamblin, Kim MacLeod, Bret Meckel, Clark Nelson, Kathleen Ogborn, Thomas Philion, Angela Rhodes, Shannon Shoemaker, Jennifer Smith, Jeff Stedman, Jack Tessier, John Taylor, Allen Wachter, Linda Weinberg

 Absent:  Glenda Bolton, David Brower, Linnea Burwood, Joan Erickson, Carolyn Tolley

 Guests: Candace Vancko, Rick Golding, John Padovani, Jess Miller and Denise Church

 President's Report

The minutes from the 1.26.2009 meeting were approved. 


B. Meckel:  Seems to be a lot of individual issues that are being presented.

J. Tessier:  Not enough books was an issue; response-Sales history is used to determine the number of books to order, CADI sales history was not provided to Barnes & Noble.

C. Elston:  Can you use enrollment information to help with the issue?  response-We get that from N. Smith each Monday.

L. Weinberg:  There were some books that were not available until the second or third week.  There are new federal guidelines that state that a book list needs to be attached to course schedules; response:  We have that information.  Barnes and Noble is working on getting the book list attached to the schedule.

J. Smith: Students were given new editions when the instructor did not approve them. 

Motion (J. Taylor), Seconded (T. Hamblin):  Review the need for a resolution to the Chief Academic Officer to create a task force to deal with the integration of the Higher Education Opportunity Act into the course schedules.

 B. Meckel: What is the compliance rate with turning in book orders?  response: I don't know; want to get used books in for the students.

T. Hamblin: How many did not turn in book orders?  response:  Six book orders came in the first week of class; one order was from a faculty that was just assigned the course.

B. Meckel: How many were turned in after the date assigned by Barnes and Noble?  response:  After Christmas 12 more orders came in.

J. Tessier:  Is this an issue to connect to promotion and tenure?  L. Weinberg:  We need to hold ourselves accountable.

T. Hamblin: Did you go to the Deans?  response:  Had a difficult time getting to the deans and their secretaries.

Motion (J. Smith) to table the issue.  Seconded (B. Meckel).  Abstention by T. Hamblin

Thank you to Jess Miller for attending our meeting and keeping the lines of communication open.

 Budget and Planning Committee

 J. Stedman: Is this an annual report?  response: template is sent out each year: B&P meets with the Cabinet; do not make recommendations, just provide information for the Cabinet.

 T. Hamblin:  When you present you report to the Cabinet, are they interested in the bottom up comments?  response:  Yes; they are appreciated; helpful informing decisions on common goals and priorities

 B. Meckel:  In regard to retention, what is the B & P committee charge on retention?  response:  don't know; it is a concern of the Cabinet.

 C. Elston: motion to end discussion, seconded by J. Tessier; approved.

 Curriculum Committee

 T. Hamblin:  Motion add to the next agenda for discussion on mandating that a member of Curriculum Committee be on Senate or attend the meeting when the Curriculum Committee has a proposal-we will give them priority at the top of the meeting.  Seconded: J. Taylor; approved. 


Motion: J. Stedman; Seconded: A. Rhodes; approved


February 3

Liberal Arts & Science

The proposal to replace MATH 095 with an extended four hour version of MATH 128 was approved with dual listing of Carnegie units to be 3:3,0 and 3:4,0.

Motion to table until further information can be given, J. Tessier; Seconded:  L. Weinberg; approved


February 3

Liberal Arts & Science

The proposal for a new course NURS 280 Clinical Nursing Internship was approved with the Carnegie units changed to 2:0,2.


February 3

Liberal Arts & Science

The proposal to add an additional hour to the challenge credit hours for students who challenge the first year of nursing was approved.

Motion: J. Stedman; Seconded: L. Weinberg; approved


February 3

Business & Hospitality

The proposal to change the required courses for the BBA in Technology Management: Information Technology removing CITA 460 Organizational and End User Information System and replacing with a technical elective upper, removing a lower technical elective and replacing it with BUSI 245 Principles of Marketing was approved.


February 3

Business & Hospitality

The proposal to change the required courses for the BT in Web Development removing CITA 350 Object Oriented Systems and replacing with CITA 430 Software Integration and Interoperability, removing a lower unrestricted elective and replacing it with BUSI 245 Principles of Marketing and removing CITA 465 Enterprise Technology and replacing it with BUSI 380 Consumer Behavior was approved.

 Motion to adjourn, J. Taylor; seconded J. Smith.

 The meeting was adjourned at 5:47 p.m.

 Next Meeting:  Monday, March 9th, 2009.

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