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March 8th, 2010

College Senate

Meeting Minutes

March 8th, 2010

Senators Present: D. Brower, J. Burgess, D. Dougherty, C. Elston, T. Hamblin, G. Miller (for C. Nelson), K. Ogborn, P. Pardoe, T. Philion, T. Rathbone, A. Rhodes, S. Shoemaker, J. Tessier, M. Wake, L. Weinberg

Meeting called to order at 4:18 p.m. by Presider Julee Miller

Minutes for 2.22.10 approved—motion by T. Philion, seconded by A. Rhodes; abstention—C. Elston


• Change to the bylaws in regards to Innovative Academic Initiatives Committee and Student Life Committee

• Discussion—Are there other committees that are inactive? Why?

o Trying to clean up committee membership and keep them as active as possible

o These two committees are not charged to the Senate by the President

 IAIC was brought forward by former Provost Callas

 Student Life Committee—uncertain of its history

 T. Philion—which are standing committees and which are ad hoc?

 T. Hamblin—we should take baby steps and see how it goes

 J. Miller—inactive status should be reviewed on an annual basis

 P. Pardoe—leave opened ended; investigate to see why they are inactive and is there a need for them?

 T. Hamblin—will inactivating these committees be beneficial or would it be more to try and get them to have active memberships to help with oversight in these areas

 Vote on verbage at next meeting and then look at these committees to see what should happen with them

 Motion to table bylaw change; approved

• Accountability—there is no order to the accountability for standing committees

o A timeline for reporting is needed

o Motion to create a taskforce for a committee accountability timeline for the committees to report back to the Senate; approved.

 C. Elston and T. Rathbone will work on this task


• Two divisions need to elect Senate representation

• Open call for nominations and elections will be sent out through e-mail and Delhi Today

Senate Scholarship

• An earlier date for nominations has been established

• There is a need to be more public about who receives the scholarship

Old News

• TAG meeting with the President on March 15th at 4 pm

• Survey on Common Hour will be going out to the campus; proposal will need to be drafted for the President (T. Hamblin and J. Tessier volunteered)

Meeting Adjourned at 5:12 pm

Next meeting on March 22, 2010

Contact Info
Jared Yando, Presider

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