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March 9, 2009

 Delhi College Senate Minutes March 9, 2009

 Meeting called to order by Presider, Julee Miller

             Quorum established at 4:26 p.m.

 Senators Present: David Brower, Donna Dougherty, Cindy Elston, Terry Hamblin, Kim MacLeod, Bret Meckel, Clark Nelson, Kathleen Ogborn, P. Pardoe, Thomas Philion, Angela Rhodes, Shannon Shoemaker, Jennifer Smith, Jack Tessier, Carolyn Tolley, Mary Wake, Allen Wachter, Linda Weinberg

 Absent:  Glenda Bolton, Jack Burgess, Joan Erickson, Susan Greenwood, Jeff Stedman, John Taylor

 Intercollegiate Athletic Board

 M. Wake proposed changes to the charge of the IAB; this committee currently has its bylaws within the bylaws of the Senate.  IAB is a SUNY required committee that reports to the President.  The Delhi IAB currently uses the guidelines from SUNY as their bylaws.  Proposal is to either change the IAB bylaws or remove the IAB bylaws from the Senate bylaws to allow the IAB committee to create bylaws that reflect the needs of SUNY Delhi.  This issue will be discussed at the next meeting.

 Uniform Course Syllabus

 Discussion:  Feedback is needed from the faculty on the proposed changes to the Uniform Course Syllabus to incorporate more online relevant to online sections.  E-mail D. Brower with suggestions from your functional area. This is not about rewriting the policies of the Uniform Course Syllabus but rather to make the syllabus template more comprehensive and relate to online course.

 Calendar Issues

 Presider will send out an e-mail that discusses the calendar issue.


 Curriculum changes have been tabled until the next meeting in order to get clarification from the Curriculum Committee.  Motion to postpone: M. Wake; seconded: T. Hamblin; approved

 Motion to adjourn, T. Hamblin; seconded C. Nelson.

 The meeting was adjourned at 5:13 p.m.

 Next Meeting:  Monday, March 23th, 2009.

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Jared Yando, Presider

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