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March 22, 2010

Delhi College Senate Minutes

March 22, 2010

Meeting called to order by Presider, Julee Miller at 4:16 pm

Senators Present: D. Brower, J. Burgess, C. Elston, T. Hamblin, K. MacLeod, C. Nelson, K. Ogborn, P. Pardoe, T. Philion, T. Rathbone, A. Rhodes, S. Shoemaker, J. Taylor, J. Tessier, A. Wachter , M. Wake

 Absent: D. Dougherty. L. Weinberg

 Guest: C. Vancko

President’s Report

 March 8, 2010 meeting minutes approved (motion by T. Hamblin; seconded by J. Tessier)

 Curriculum Committee

Motion to accept, J. Tessier; seconded, T. Philion; approved


June 8

Liberal Arts & Science

The proposal to create a new course ARTS 105 The History of Country Music was approved.  It will be submitted for General Education 8.

Motion to accept, T. Philion; seconded, A. Rhodes; approved


March 9

Liberal Arts & Science

The proposal to teach HUMN 101 Art Appreciation in online format was approved.

Motion to accept with a notation that the course level should be at the 200 level, J. Tessier; seconded, J. Taylor; approved


March 9

Liberal Arts & Science

The proposal to create a new course ENGL 150 Research Writing for on campus and online format was approved with changes in the Carnegie units to 3:3,0



Motion for J. Tessier to be put forward as the alternate UFS Senator, T. Hamblin; seconded by J. Taylor; approved.

 CIS Search Committee

CIS search committee would like an additional member from Senate—D. Brower, A. Rhodes and S. Shoemaker all volunteered.

 Motion to send the three names as candidates to be considered to sit on committee and respectfully request that at least two members be added to the committee, M. Wake; seconded J. Burgess. Approved with abstention by T. Hamblin.

 Old Business

 Meeting adjourned at 5:26 p.m.

Next meeting at 4:15 p.m. on Monday, April 26, 2010

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Jared Yando, Presider

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