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June 21, 2010

Delhi College Senate Minutes 21 June 2010

 Meeting called to order by Presider, Julee Miller

             Quorum established at 9:06 am.

 Welcome to New and Returning Senators for 2010/2011: 

Deb Adelman, Jessica Backus-Foster, Jack Burgess, Linnea Burwood, Sean Babcock, Scott Carlson, Michelle DeFreece, Donna Dougherty, Terry Hamblin, Erin Hodges, Kim MacLeod, Kathleen Ogborn, Susan Poe, Tassha Rathbone, Shannon Shoemaker, Amber Sohns, Scott Swayze, Jack Tessier, Alicia Thompson, Mary Wake, Linda Weinberg, Kishan Zuber

 Senators Present:  D. Adelman, J. Backus-Foster, J. Burgess, S. Carlson, M. DeFreece, D. Dougherty, T. Hamblin, E. Hodges, K. MacLeod, S. Poe, T. Rathbone, A. Rhodes, S. Shoemaker, J. Tessier, A. Thompson, M. Wake, K. Zuber

 Senators Absent: L. Burwood, S. Babcock, K. Ogborn, A. Sohns (excused), S. Swayze (excused), L. Weinberg

 Officer Elections
Nominations of Officers to the Executive Board

  • President—Julee Miller
  • Associate Presider—Mary Wake
  • Secretary—Shannon Shoemaker

All officers elected to nominated positions

 The minutes from the 14 June 2010 meeting were approved with A. Rhodes abstaining.

 New Senators

New Senators were assigned mentors to help them through acclimating to their position. 

  • J. Miller ~  D. Adelman, J. Backus-Foster & S. Poe
  • J. Tessier ~ S. Swayze
  • K. MacLeod ~ K. Zuber
  • M. Wake ~ S. Babcock, E. Hodges, & A. Sohns
  • D. Dougherty ~  M. DeFreece

Senate Scholarship Recipients

  • Invite them to a fall Senate meeting

Senate Meetings

  • Second and fourth Monday of each month when classes are in session at 4:15 p.m.

Senate Membership

  • Since the Presider was elected to the Senate by her division, another faculty member in the division needs to fill the elected position

Upcoming Discussions

  • Meeting time; Common Hour blocks
  • Student Life Committee Revitalization
    • Committee of the Senate
    • Needs members to restart and recharge the committee
    • Volunteers—K. MacLeod & J. Miller
  • Need to get charges for all committees online
  • Committee openings—share with functional areas to seek volunteers
    • Five Senators-at-Large (faculty) openings
    • Three Senators-at-Large (professional staff) openings

Old Business

  • TAG—moved to the next meeting agenda

Next meeting on September 13, 2010 @ 4:15 p.m. in Alumni Hall

 Meeting adjourned at 9:45 a.m.

Contact Info
Jared Yando, Presider

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