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September 12, 2011

Delhi College Senate

Meeting Minutes

September 12, 2011

Senators Present: S. Babcock, J. Backus-Foster, A. Burger, J. Burgess, S. Carlson, M. DeFreece, D. Dougherty, L. Goodwin-Burwood, T. Hamblin, C. Levitt, K. MacLeod, M. McKenna, A. Mitchell, J. Morgan, K. Ogborn, S. Poe (Proxy held by C. Levitt), S. Shoemaker, D. Sivers (proxy held by J. Miller), A. Smith, D. Stein, S. Swayze, A. Thompson, C. Vesterfelt, M. Wake, J. Yando & K. Zuber (proxy held by J. Morgan)

Senators Absent: A. Sohns (excused)

Guest: J. Nader

Meeting called to order at 4:15 pm by Presider J. Miller

President’s Report submitted by Provost Nader

Meeting minutes for June 13, 2011—Motion to approve with changes to Academic Policy Change Recommendations 4 & 5, motion to approve S. Swayze; seconded, J. Burgess; abstentions, K. MacLeod & S. Babcock.

Scholarship Resolution

Resolution on College Senate Scholarship

 Whereas, in an effort to provide meaningful scholarship support to deserving students in an era of increasing college costs the SUNY Delhi College Senate has had the authority to award four academic division-based student scholarships on an annual basis through an account held by the College Foundation office

 Whereas, SUNY Delhi has formally restructured from four Academic Divisions to three Academic Divisions

 Whereas, financial stability and longevity of the aforementioned fund is of utmost importance

 Therefore, be it resolved that the SUNY Delhi College Senate has agreed to lower the number of awarded scholarships to three to reflect the change in divisions and,

Be it further resolved that in an effort to maintaining the financial longevity of the fund from which said support is drawn, the amount of each scholarship shall be $500 to be distributed to each awardee over the next academic year ($250 each semester), using the following criteria:


 Be it further resolved that recipients of the SUNY Delhi College Senate Scholarship award will be asked to serve as a student member of a College Senate committee during the upcoming academic year.

 Each division shall nominate up to three students for this award by April 15th, at which time the College Senate will choose one recipient from each division and thereby notify the Foundation office by the end of the College Senate session in June. Award will be applied to the returning student’s account the following Fall and subsequent Spring semester.


New Mission Statement

Intercollegiate Athletic Board

New Committee Chairs

Old Business

Next meeting September 26, 2011 at 4:15 pm


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Jared Yando, Presider

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