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September 13, 2010

Senate Meeting Minutes

Called to order at 4:13 pm by Presider J. Miller

Senators Present: D. Adelman, S. Babcock, J. Backus-Foster, J.Burgess, S. Carlson, M. DeFreece, S. Dixon, D. Dougherty, T. Hamblin, K. MacLeod, K. Ogborn, S. Poe, S. Sheomaker, A. Sohns, S. Swayze, J. Tessier, A. Thompson, M. Wake

Absent: L. Burwood, E. Hodges, K. Zuber

Motion to approve the minutes from the June 21, 2010 —motion: K. MacLeod; seconded: A. Thompson; approved.

Operations Committee

One academic Senator and one professional staff Senator are needed to fill the Operations Committee seats with the Associate Presider. Self-nominations were taken.

A Google survey will be distributed to determine which nominated faculty member will fill the position.

Approved D. Dougherty to fill the professional staff position.

Budget and Planning

Motion to approve K. Gillooly (Applied Science and Rec.), A. Clifford (Business & Hospitality), and R. Hughes (CSEA) to Budget and Planning committee service; approved

Student Life Committee

Open call for nominations – please encourage your colleagues to consider filling a position. Need three professional staff and three faculty. K. MacLeod self-nominated for professional staff.

Senate Elections

A special election is needed to fill vacant seats on the Senate. An open call for nominations will be distributed. Contact M. Wake or J. Miller to nominate. Five faculty and four professional staff are needed. Would like to encourage a broad representation of the campus community, so please encourage your colleagues to consider.

Motion to hold a special election, motion: S. Babcock; seconded: T. Hamblin.

Senate Meeting Schedule

Procedure for missing a Senate Meeting:

September 13 & 27
October 25
November 8 & 22
December 13
February 14
March 14 & 28
April 25
May 9 & 23 (the 23rd is Employee Appreciation Day and the Senate can decide on whether they need to meet that day or not)
June meeting TBD –will be held sometime after the last Curriculum Committee Meeting.

Common Hour


Motion to adjourn at 5 p.m.

Next meeting 27 September 2010 at 4:15 p.m.

Contact Info
Jared Yando, Presider

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