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September 14, 2009

College Senate 9.14.2009

Meeting called to order 4:18 pm by Presider Julee Miller

Present: David Brower, Cindy Elston, Susan Greenwood, Terry Hamblin, Kim MacLeod, Kathleen Ogborn, Tassha Rathbone, Angela Rhodes, John Taylor, Jack Tessier, Mary Wake, Allen Wachter, Linda Weinberg.

Guest: Candace Vancko, presenting the President's Report.

Minutes approved from 06.15.2009

2010-2011 College Calendar discussed, passed out to functional areas for comment.

Academic Policy question on Pre-programs laid to rest. No more existing Pre-programs on campus. Other vehicles in place for students who were previously placed in Pre-programs. 1 year in Individual Studies with transfer into desired course of study upon successful completion.

Campus Common Hour discussed - Senators bringing concept back to functional areas for further discussion, comment, ideas and scope. Depending on campus-wide support, next step will be formation of College Senate task force to draft formal proposal to Administration.

Terry Hamblin and Angela Rhodes gave broad explanation of Middle States Accreditation progress on development of self-study model, also sent out an appeal for cross-campus volunteers to become involved and contribute to process by joining a "working group".  Open access on Confluence page for any interested staff and faculty to view.

Meeting adjourned at 5:30 pm

Next meeting 09.28.2009

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Jared Yando, Presider

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