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College Senate Minutes
Delhi College Senate Minutes November 12, 2007

Meeting called to order by Lori Osterhoudt

Quorum established at 4:16 p.m.


October 22nd Minutes:

Annual Budget and Planning Committee Membership:
Motion to change to Article XIV Section 5 of the Senate bylaws as follows:

Section 5. Annual Budget and Planning Committee

The Annual Budget and Planning Committee and Strataegic Planning Committee will be composed of members broadly representative of existing campus units.

The Annual Budget and Planning Committee will assist the Cabinet in annual planning and priority setting and communicate its findings to the President, the Cabinet and the campus at large.

A. Membership:

Motion was seconded and approved.

Curriculum Committee

Chancellor Awards

Attendance Policy

Syllabus "Rollover" vs. "Cut and Paste"

XF Grade

"Here at Upstate we have an "XF" which is used for failure due to "a finding of guilty of academic dishonesty by the judicial process." We do not use it for disciplinary reasons as we feel other policies and protocols in our Judicial Process is sufficient. We have had to use it - does it make a difference? Hard to tell - as many of the courses taken for the various health professions degrees are required for licencing for the individual - failure either requires repeating the course or the individual would not be eligible to obtain the credentials to practice. Would an "XF" influence an admissions committee differently than an "F" with respect to application to
another program or an advanced degree program? Potentially. We instituted the XF so that there were documented academic integrity issues with the student - which we would not want to occur once an individual became a health care practitioner."

  • Discussion on if it will be used for just academic dishonesty.
  • Need a recommendation from Academic Policy Committee.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:57 p.m.

Next Meeting: Monday November 26th.

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